Stealth Overhaul by JOG
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Added: 20/08/2006 - 07:41PM
Updated: 19/09/2010 - 09:37PM

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Last updated at 21:37, 19 Sep 2010 Uploaded at 19:41, 20 Aug 2006

** This Mod requires OBSE v0017 or higher **

** By downloading this mod you are obliged to read the readme **

This mod attempts to make sneaking around more interesting and worthwhile, and tries to force you into a more classic rogue-role when you seriously want to sneak around. Wearing heavy armor is now a serious issue, and sneak-attacks with the right-weapons are much more powerful.


The backstabbing multiplier is dependent on the weapon's speed and range/size, a small dagger might have up to x15 while slow Longswords and Maces might have no multiplier at all.

When your victim survives the sneak-attack you now can run away and have a fair chance to vanish in the shadows again. A sneaking expert might not be detected at all when he sneak-attacks with a bow.

Worn heavy armor (cuirass greaves boots) as well as drawn weapons and shields now add a penalty to your sneak skill.

Wearing no armor at all grants you a 10% bonus to sneak

New key to toggle between "sneaking as long as you hold the sneak-key" and "sneaking unless you push the sneak-key again".

3 new quick-keys that store complete outfits: (Clothes/Armor, Weapon, Shield, Ammo, Rings, Amulet)

Many customisation-options

A vast readme that you really really really should read.


v1.1 (22.Aug.06)

- Fix: To set the backstab-Info Key ("SPACE") you now can use the same selection of Keycodes as all others.

- Fix: Backstab-Info Key ("SPACE") displayed the info for getting combat-ready with your fists only when you equipped a weapon since you last "unreadied" your fists.

- Using OBSE v0007 fixes a bug where some light armor was falsely identified as heavy armor

+ Added console-output for debugging purposes

+ Added nifty new config-menu.

+ Daggers now do notable higher Backstab damage by default (can be customised to lower and even higher values)

+ Sneak Penalties: Wearing no armor at all now grants a bonus to sneak-skill.

+ Sneak Penalties: Sneak skill-mastery now only reduces penalty for daggers. Sneak Penalty for one-handed weapons is determined by their range


v1.2 (24.Aug.06)

- Fix: Backstab Capabilities of bow and 2-hand weapons was displayed incorrect.

- Fix: Workaround for a rounding-problem that causes some weapons with a reach of 0.6000 to return 0.6001 and thus not to be recognized as dagger-type weapons. (For some weird reason, this only applied to new weapons from mods)

+ Thanks to OBSE v7 it's no longer necessary to specify the "Sneak Key"

+ Updated functionality of Gear-Quick-Keys to optionally unequip stuff that wasn't equipped when the key was set.

+ Added "Unequip-Gear-Key"


v1.3 (01.Sep.06)

- Fix: When you reloaded a game that was saved while sneaking with a weapon drawn, the Backstab-Multipliers stayed at the values they had before reloading until you sheathed the weapon or stopped sneaking. (Mace with dagger-backstab anyone?)

+ Added Assassination power

+ Added optional penalty for wearing light armor

+ Marksman Sneak-attack damage now takes the Marksman-skill into account.


v1.4 (18.Sep.10)

+ Removed Assassination power (too much code for too much cheese)

+ Removed code for debug-output on the console (Bugs should have been found by now, and F11/F12 are still present)

+ Updated Scripts to replace deprecated OBSE-Functions and generally used the "new" OBSE-0017+ commands where applicable.

+ Separated gear and stealth scripts (they can now be disabled separately)

+ Revised Gear-Quick-Key handling: Item sets are now unequipped when the hotkey is pressed a second time, special handling for weapon-combos

+ Revised handling of backstab-Info key: it will now always work while you are sneaking, not only while drawing a newdifferent weapon.

+ If the file "stealthoverhaul.ini" can be found in the Oblivion folder, it will be executed automatically when the game is started.

+ Added german text for Backstab-Info key

+ Included separate ESP to run with "Nehrim" (Total Conversion)