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The Elder Scrolls IV
Stealth Overhaul

v1.4 by JOG

Requires OBSE v0017+



1. Description

2. Installation

3. Details
a) Gamesettings
b) Armor Penalty
c) Weapon Penalty
d) Backstabbing
e) New Keys
f) Extras
g) Customisation

4. Known Issues

5. Version/Contact




This mod attempts to make Sneaking around more interesting
and worthwhile, wearing Heavy Armor is now a serious issue,
and Sneak-Attacks with the right-weapons are much more powerful


* The backstabbing multiplier is dependent on the weapon's speed
and range/size, a small dagger might have up to x15 while
slow Longswords and Maces might have no multiplier at all.

* When your victim survives the sneak-attack you now can run
away and have a fair chance to vanish in the shadows again.
(The penalty for hiding away from combat is reduced by 20%)

* Worn Heavy Armor (Cuirass Greaves Boots) as well as drawn
Weapons and Shields now apply a penalty to your sneak skill.

* Wearing no armor at all grants you a 10% bonus to sneak

* New key to toggle between sneaking as long as you hold the
sneak key and sneaking unless you push the sneak-key again

* 3 New Quick-keys that store complete outfits:
(Clothes/Armor, Weapon, Shield, Ammo, Rings, Amulet)

* Many customisation-options easy to apply with an INI file!

* A vast readme that you really really really should read.

!!! Requires Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) v0017+ !!!





Copy "StealthOverhaul.esp" to your Oblivion/Data folder and activate it.

To install the mod for Nehrim use "StealthOverhaul_Nehrim.esp" instead.

To configure the mod either copy stealthoverhaul.ini
to your Oblivion (or Nehrim) main-folder and edit it (see below)

You cam also press SCROLL-LOCK to open the ingame-config menu.

In either case, please read this readme, to learn what the
various config-settings are used for.


Deactivate And/Or delete "StealthOverhaul.esp"

| Make sure you are not sneaking in your current savegame |
| before you uninstall this plugin. |




a) Gamesettings:

The following Gamesettings are changed by this Mod:

- Sneak-Attack Multiplier for Bow and Melee-Weapons
"fPerkSneakAttack..." (see below)

- The Combat-Hiding Treshold for hiding from an hostile chaser
(Original = 50 = Almost Impossible / New = 40 = Fair chance)
With this setting and a high sneak skill it's possible to shoot
an arrow out of hiding and stay undetected.

b) Armor Penalty:

Equipping Weapons and Armor now lowers your sneak skill:

Holding any shield while sneaking will lower your sneak
skill by 1/3 of the shield's weight.

Heavy-Armor cuirasses apply 1/3 of their weight as sneak-penalty

Heavy-Armor greaves apply 1/2 of their weight as sneak-penalty

Heavy-Armor boots apply 1/2 of their weight as sneak-penalty

Combined Armor:
The penalty for Combined Heavy Armor (e.g. Heavy Arena Rainment)
is about half its weight (Upper Body: 16,7% + Lower Body 25% + Boots 10%)

c) Weapon Penalty:

When you hold a weapon while sneaking a penalty to your sneak skill is
applied depending on the weapon's general type and range (size)

Bows & Staffs: -6
Two Handed: -12
One Handed: 11 * range -5 (rounded up)

When the equipped weapon is a dagger (very short blade) the penalty
is reduced by your grade of mastery in the Sneak Skill
(Novice = 0 ... Master = 4)

You can customise the base penalty (that is applied to bows)
the other penalties will be changed accordingly.
see Customisation section for details.

d) Backstabbing:

Melee Sneak Attacks

Sneak-attack damage with melee weapons is now dependent on the weapons
type and speed, and stealth-skill-mastery has more effect:

Sneak Weak Standard Strong Deadly
Novice x1 x2 x2 x3
Apprentice x2 x4 x4 x6
Journeyman x2 x4 x6 x9
Expert x3 x6 x8 x12
Master x3 x6 x10 x15

Weak Backstab: Slow 1-Hand weapon (Slow Waraxes, Fast Maces, Fast Longswords)
Standard Backstab: Normal blade (Katana) / Fast Blunt (Waraxe)
Strong Backstab: Fast blade (Shortsword)
Deadly Backstab: Dagger
No Backstab: 2 Handed weapons and very slow 1-Hand weapons (Longsword/Mace)

The "Deadly Backstab" range for a dagger is customizable
by popular request. (See Customisation section for details.)

Marksman Sneak Attacks

Sneak attack damage with a bow is determined by the Sneak skill
as well as the Marksman Skill:

| Marksman
Sneak | Novice Apprentice Journeym. Expert Master
Novice | x1 x1 x2 x3 x3
Apprentice | x1 x2 x3 x4 x4
Journeyman | x2 x3 x4 x5 x5
Expert | x3 x4 x5 x6 x6
Master | x3 x4 x5 x6 x7

e) New Keys:

Several new Function Keys are added to the Game:

Toggle Sneak Function
Press "X" until you change your current sneaking state
This is the sign that the Function of the Sneak/Crouch Key (CTRL)
has changed. Now you need to hold CTRL while sneaking, as soon as
you release the key you stand up again.

Press "X" again to switch Back to Oblivion's Default Mode.

When you change your sneak-key in the Oblivion-Controls,
this function will no longer work until you extit and restart
the game. (This restriction might be removed with OBSE 0009+)

Pressing "SPACE" while sneaking will tell you how well your current
weapon is suited for backstabbing (including multiplier).

Gear Quick-Keys
The arrow-keys LEFT, DOWN and RIGHT are now new quick keys
that store your complete outfit.

Pressing the right CTRL key will now unequip all your equipment
(In game as well as in the inventory-screen)

Hold the right SHIFT-Key while pressing one of the Gear Quick Keys
to remember your current outfit, press just the key to recall it.

When you hold the right CTRL key while setting an outfit
(first hold SHIFT then CTRL) All equipment-slots that are currently
unequipped will also be unequipped when you recall the outfit.
("unequip-other" function)

When you don't hold CTRL, recalling the outfit will just equip the
items that were stored, items in other slots will not be unequipped

Once a gear slot is set up, pressing the quick key, will equip the
associated items, unless they are already equipped, in this case the
items will be unequipped.

There are three special cases:

1. Weapon and Arrows or Weapon and Shield are always equipped and
unequipped as pairs. You can't set up an item-set that contains
shield and/or arrow but no weapon. This is to prevent a
shield & sword set from switching between shield-only and sword-only
after you equipped another weapon but kept the shield

2. With the "unequip-other" function (define the key with Shift+Ctrl)
the item-set is considered a complete set of gear you want to wear.
everything else will be unequipped. So if your item-set consists only
of boots and pants, you will take off your shirt, rings, amulets
and even weapon, arrows and shield when pressing the quick-key.

3. A special case of "unequip-other" applies when an item-set contains
only weapon, shield and arrows. In this case the quickkey will
only unequip any other arms and shield but not your clothes.
So if your item-set is sword & shield, and you held CTRL while
defining it, the quick-key will unequip your arrows but nothing else.
This way you can switch between sword & shield, bow & arrow and
dagger only combos while your armor, jewellery and clothes are left alone.

To sumarize:

An item-set that is defined without CTRL pressed, will work as toggle-switch
Everything in the set will be unequiped if it is equipped and equipped if it is
unequipped. Other equipment is left alone. Shields and arrows are always
equipped or unequipped together with the weapon

Shift+Ctrl+Quickkey - Weaponry only
The item-set will be a weapon-combo. Shields and Arrows that don't belong
to the set will be unequipped, everything else will be left alone.
Pressing the Quickkey again will unequip the weapon-combo, but nothing else.

Shift+Ctrl+Quickkey - With clothes or jewelry
The item-set will be a fixed set of gear you want to wear. Everything
that isn't part of the item-set will be unequipped. Pressing the Quickkey
while the item-set is equipped, will *NOT* unequip the item-set.

f) Extras:

Two debug functions are available: When activated, the information will be shown
as long as you are sneaking. To turn the function off press the respective key again.

Backstab-Info-Key: ("F11")
Press this key to activate a Debug-Info Message that tells you
the current Backstabbing-Stats:

Type (0=Unarmed, 1=One-Handed, 2=Two-Handed, 3=Bow)

SubType (0=1H-Blade, 1=2H-Blade, 2=1H-Blunt, 3=2H-Blunt, 4=Bow, 5=Staff)

Speed (The weapon's speed, higher than 1.00 is very fast)

Reach (The weapon's size, a Longsword has about 1.00)

BackstabType (0=Standard, 1=Strong, 2=Weak, 3=None)

BackstabMinSpeed1 (Strong Backstab when Speed is higher than this value)

BackstabMinSpeed2 (Standard Backstab when Speed is higher than this value)

BackstabMinSpeed3 (Weak Backstab when Speed is higher than this value)

Sneak-Penalty-Info-Key: ("F12")
Press this key to activate a Debug-Info Message that tells you the current
sneak-penalties (Cuirass / Greaves / Boots / Shield / Weapon / Total)

f) Customisation:

This mod offers a lot of Customisation-settings.

To open the Config-Menu ingame press SCROLL-LOCK

If you disabled this key or remapped it and forgot to which key,
you can also open the menu in the console by typing:

Startquest SneakPenaltiesSet

Some more advanced settings are only available as console-commands

You can either enter them as single commands in the console or copy
"StealthOverhaul.ini" to your Oblivion folder (not Oblivion Data!)
and customise the settings there.

If a file named "StealthOverhaul.ini" can be found in the Oblivion folder,
the settings will automatically be applied when the game starts.

To apply the changes manually while the game runs, open the console and type

bat StealthOverhaul.ini

Settings in detail:

Misc settings

set SneakPenalties.fQuestDelayTime to 0.5

This is the time that passes between two runs of the script
Default is 0.5, a lower value will cause the script to react
faster on key-presses but might have an impact on FPS

You can use this to reset all settings to default by entering
"set SneakPenalties.fQuestDelayTime to 0" in the console.

Sneak Penalty settings

set SneakPenalties.DisableArmorPenalty to 0

Set this to 1 to disable the Sneak penalty for wearing armor
(as well as the bonus for wearing none)

set SneakPenalties.DisableUnarmoredBonus to 0

Set this to 1 to disable the Sneak bonus you get for wearing no armor

set SneakPenalties.LightArmorPenalty to 0

Set this to 1 to apply a sneak penalty for wearing light armor as well.

set SneakPenalties.WeaponPenaltyBase to 6

This is the base of the weapon-penalty. It will be applied
directly to Bow and Staff and the penalties for other weapons
will be scaled accordingly

If you set this to 0 the Weapon-Penalty is disabled.

Backstab settings

set SneakPenalties.BackstabMinSpeed1 to 1.00

Blades with a speed higher than this do strong backstab-damage

Set this to 2 to make all weapons do normal backstab-damage

set SneakPenalties.BackstabMinSpeed2 to 0.95

Weapons with a speed higher than this do normal backstab-damage

Set this to 0 to make all weapons do normal backstab-damage

set SneakPenalties.BackstabMinSpeed3 to 0.90

Weapons with a speed higher than this do weak backstab-damage
Weapons with this speed or lower do no backstab-damage at all

set Sneakpenalties.BackstabDaggerMult to 0

Use this to change the sneak attack multiplier for Daggers:
(Novice / Apprentice / Journeyman / Expert / Master)

0 = (Default) "Fatal" = x3 / x6 / x9 / x12 / x15

1 = "Weak" = x1 / x2 / x2 / x3 / x3

2 = "Standard" = x2 / x4 / x4 / x6 / x6

3 = "Strong" = x2 / x4 / x6 / x8 / x10

4 = "Fatal, linear" = x3 / x6 / x9 / x12 / x15

5 = "Fatal, equalized" = x4 / x6 / x8 / x10 / x12

6 = "Fatal, quadratic" = x2 / x5 / x10 / x17 / x26

7 = "Fatal, exponential" = x2 / x4 / x8 / x16 / x32

8 = "None" = x1 / x1 / x1 / x1 / x1

set SneakPenalties.BackstabIgnoreMarksman to 0

When you set this to 0, the script will no longer take your
Marksman skill into account when it determines your Sneak-Attack
Multiplier for a bow. The multplier will be set to these values:

Novice | x1
Apprentice | x2
Journeyman | x3
Expert | x4
Master | x5

Function Key definitions

All new keys are changeable, you just need to know the key-code
of the new keys. (It also needs to be entered as decimal number)

Read here for a list of hex-codes:

To turn off any new function-key just set it to -1

set Sneakpenalties.ConfigKey to 70 ; SCROLL-LOCK

This is the key to open the config menu.

Sneakpenalties.SneakAlwaysKey to 45 ; X

This setting defines the key used for the new

set Sneakpenalties.BackstabInfoKey to 57 ; SPACE

This is the Backstab-Info key that tells you how
suitable your current weapon is for backstabbing

set Sneakpenalties.BackstabDisplayKey to 87 ; F11

This key will turn on and off an info-line on top of
the screen that shows info about the capabilities
of your current weapon.

set Sneakpenalties.PenaltyDisplayKey to 88 ; F12

This key will turn on and off an info-line on top of
the screen that shows info about the Sneak-penalties
that are currently applied.

set SneakGear.GearQuickSlot1Key to 203 ; Left
set SneakGear.GearQuickSlot2Key to 208 ; Down
set SneakGear.GearQuickSlot3Key to 205 ; Right

These three keys are the new Gear-Quick-Keys.

set SneakGear.GearUnequipKey to 157 ; CTRL (Right)

Push this key to unequip everything you're currently wearing

set SneakGear.GearQuickSlotConfigKey to 54 ; SHIFT (Right)

Hold this key to set the Gear-Quick-Keys.

Enable/Disable the mod / Troubleshooting

Useful Troubleshoting-Commands in the console:


"StopQuest SneakPenalties"

To pause the script


"StartQuest SneakPenalties"

To continue


"ForceAV Sneak "

Should the Sneak-Skill ever be not restored completely when
you stop sneaking (it might take 1-2 seconds) use this command
to restore it. Make sure no other scripts or spells are affecting
the sneak skill and then use this command to restore the skill
to the correct value.





- When you use Gear-Quickslots to equip arrows, the quiver shown
on your back has only one arrow in it. This is only an graphical issue,
you still have the correct number of arrows equipped. As soon as you
pick up an arrow of the same sort, the quiver will be full again.




v1.0 (21.Aug.06)

The First try.
Thanks to by Ian Patterson and Stephen Abel,
without OBSE v6 this mod would've been impossible

v1.1 (22.Aug.06)

- Fix: To set the backstab-Info Key ("SPACE") you now can
use the same selection of Keycodes as all others.

- Fix: Backstab-Info Key ("SPACE") displayed the info
for getting combat-ready with your fists only when you
equipped a weapon since you last "unreadied" your fists.

- Using OBSE v0007 fixes a bug where some (most?)
light armor was falsely identified as heavy armor

+ Added console-output for debugging purposes

+ Added nifty new config-menu.

+ Backstabbing:
Daggers now do notable higher Backstab damage by default
can be changed to lower and even higher values

+ Sneak Penalties:
Wearing no armor at all now grants a bonus to sneak-skill

+ Sneak Penalties:
Weapon-Penalties rebuilt:
Sneak skill-mastery now only reduces penalty for daggers.
Sneak Penalty for one-handed weapons is determined by their range

v1.2 (24.Aug.06)

- Fix: Backstab Capabilities of bow and 2-hand weapons was
displayed incorrect.

- Fix: Workaround for a rounding-problem that causes some weapons
with a reach of 0.6000 to return 0.6001 and thus not to be recognized
as dagger-type weapons. (For some weird reason, this only applied
to new weapons from mods)

+ Thanks to OBSE v7 it's no longer necessary to specify the "Sneak Key"

+ Updated functionality of Gear-Quick-Keys to optionally unequip
stuff that wasn't equipped when the key was set.

+ Added "Unequip-Gear-Key"

v1.3 (01.Sep.06)

- Fix: When you reloaded a game that was saved while sneaking
with a weapon drawn, the Backstab-Multipliers stayed at the
values they had before reloading until you sheathed the weapon
or stopped sneaking. (Mace with dagger-backstab anyone?)

+ Added Assassination power

+ Added optional penalty for wearing light armor

+ Marksman Sneak-attack damage now takes the Marksman-skill into account

v1.4 (18.Sep.10)

+ Removed Assassination power (too much code for too much cheese)

+ Removed code for debug-output on the console
(Bugs should have been found by now, and F11/F12 are still present)

+ Updated Scripts to replace deprecated OBSE-Functions and generally
used the "new" OBSE-0017+ commands where applicable.

+ Separated gear and stealth scripts (they can now be disabled separately)

+ Revised Gear-Quick-Key handling:
Item sets are now unequipped when the hotkey is pressed a second time

+ Revised handling of backstab-Info key: it will now always work while
you are sneaking, not only while drawing a newdifferent weapon.

+ If the file "stealthoverhaul.ini" ccan be found in the Oblivion folder,
it will be executed automatically when the game is started.

+ Added german text for Backstab-Info key

+ Included separate ESP to run with "Nehrim" (Total Conversion)


Please send comments and bug reports to : [email protected]