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Adds unique female models to Naihaan Kragnaidael's Deceiver's Finery Replacer mod.

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This mod adds unique female models to Naihaan Kragnaidael's Deceiver's Finery Replacer mod.

As with most of my replacer mods, this came about because downloaded one of Naihaan Kragnaidael's many amazing male replacer mods and wanted to make something visually similar for female characters. In this case, the mod in question is Deceiver's Finery Replacer.

According to the mod page, Naihaan Kragnaidael originally planned to create a female version, but never got around to it, so they used the vanilla female black and burgundy dress model as a place holder. My mod offers new meshes to replace the female placeholders from the original.

Robe of Glib Tongues:
Created from SB Widow Dress for HGEC D-cup, recolored to match Naihaan Kragnaidael's color scheme. Additionally, the choker was deleted from the mesh.

Deceiver's Finery:
Created using the female Emperor's dress from Vanilla Gear Redux, recolored to match Naihaan Kragnaidael's color scheme.
Additionally, I added the choker from SB Widow Dress for HGEC D-cup and retextured the neck brooch to use the neck brooch texture from Naihaan Kragnaidael's original mod.

1. Naihaan Kragnaidael's Deceiver's Finery Replacer - My mod is an add-on to this.
2. HG EyeCandy Body - The flesh textures might not display correctly.
3. Light compatible Skeleton - Graphical issues may be experienced without it.

Unzip the file, drop the folder titled "data" in your Oblivion directory, and confirm any messages asking to overwrite any files.

Special Thanks
1. Naihaan Kragnaidael's Deceiver's Finery Replacer: My mod would not exist without their's. 
2. ElAlquimista's Vanilla Gear Redux: for providing me with assets
3. Faylin/Sinblood's SB Widow Dress for HGEC D-cup: for providing me with assets