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This mod removes configuration items and spells from various mods and provides alternative way of configuring them with LINK++.

Permissions and credits
One of the biggest problems of Oblivion modding is the existence of a large amount of legacy mods that no one care to support anymore (or even physically can't thanks to nexus policies regarding permissions). Those mods suffer from a large amount of problems and one of them is the way those mods implement their configuration.

Before LINK era, many mods were using special configuration items and spells that they were adding to player's inventory via scripts on game start. For me personally this greatly breaks immersion. When I open my inventory, I only want to see items that my character has and nothing else. When I open my spells book, I only want to see actual spells that my character learned, and not some utility trash that reminds me I'm playing a modded game. Instead, I'm opening my inventory after game start and seeing a dozens of items, more then half of them aren't actually real items at all! And even for non-configuration items: how tf am I supposed to have them, I'm in damn prison! 

Do you catch what I mean? Ever wanted to start a new game on your heavily modded Oblivion and see this?

Well, now you can! Sadly, it's not that good with spells, since many mods add spells that don't fall neither under "real true spells" category nor under "settings" category. Good examples would be whistle, feign death and some lovers stuff. But I have plans on dealing with them later as well, but with different approach.

This mod consists of following components:
  • Filter patch that removes configuration items from various mods
  • Plugin for adding LINK++ configuration menus for those mods.
  • INI Tweaks that will prevent some mods from adding starting items for mods that support that through configuration.
All those components are optional, you can select any combination of them. There is a Wrye Bash Wizard that will help you to install them.

Currently supported mods:

* Full LINK++ support means that all configurations that were available with configuration items and spells can be done within LINK++'s menu, partial support means that some configurations will require you to obtain configuration item/spell through LINK++ menu and use them, only add/remove items means that no settings were ported to LINK++ menu, but you can use LINK++ menu to obtain those items again and remove them later.

Move archive to Wrye Bash installers section, run wizard, follow installation steps:

Make sure to apply INI tweaks at the end if you've selected any:

Note that if you'll install CIBFilterPatch mid playthrough, configuration items already added to your inventory will not be removed. I may change that in future. You can still manually remove them via LINK++ menu if you have CIBLppSupport installed, and they will not be added again.

If you want to update, uninstall previous version, make a clean save and then install new version. Make sure to actualize INI Tweaks.

Filter patch and LINK++ support plugin can potentially become incompatible with all supported mods, if their authors will decide to update them. All supported mods (with filter patch and LINK++) other than Legion Combat Additions are pretty old and weren't updated for a long time, so it's unlikely. If that will happen, I'll try to update this mod ASAP. As for Legion Combat Additions, Legion will add ini settings for removing starting items and manuals in next update, then I'll remove it from filter patch and add INI Tweaks for it instead.

Other than that, where shouldn't be any incompatibilities.

Future plans
  • Add support for more mods with configuration items/spells and starting items.
  • Improve menus for existing mods, implement full support of all configurations.
  • Deal with fake spells (spells that are not spells, but also aren't configurations). Will probably come in separate mod with framework.

I don't care about permissions, and I also believe this fixation on permissions is a huge setback for the entire modding community. You can do whatever you want with this mod.

  • OBSE team and llde in particular for maintaining xOBSE.
  • All supported mod's authors for their work.