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ktacreations and theycallmecheese - ported by TriniXjin

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This mod adds a full set of Dragonbone weapons to Oblivion.

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Dragon Bone Weapons Complete


This is a port to Oblivion based on the work of theycallmecheese with permission from the original author.

Original Mod: Dragon Bone Weapons Complete
SSE Port: Dragon Bone Weapons Complete


This mod adds Dragonbone weapons to Oblivion.  Included are a Longsword, Claymore, War Axe, Mace, Battle Axe, WarHammer and Dagger.  The weapons are now integrated into the game as if it was always there to begin with, including having it's very own testing hall Weapons table.  These extraordinarily rare weapons for the current time period are now obtainable as a well deserved award for saving Cyrodiil, no longer will you be disappointed in only receiving a useless set of imperial Dragon armor.  Now take your Accolades out into the world knowing you carry with you some of the greatest treasures kept by those that lit the Dragonfires, the proud Septim bloodline.

The stats of the weapons follow the same material progression as vanilla, that being a 2 points increase in damage over the last material which is Daedric, the only difference here being the twohanded variants are 4 damage points higher than the last material before it.  I did this so the twohanded weapons DPS will be closer to their onehanded counterparts.
Weapon Stat Sheet:

The weapons aren't added to the levelled list for lore and immersion reasons.  Dragonbone weapons could exist before Skyrim's events and would be treated like heirlooms all over Tamriel due to the main source of the material being almost non-existent.  So no bandits running around with Dragonbone weapons here.


All weapons can be obtained after completing the main questline.  The weapons are also added to the testinghall weapon warehouse.  The weapons are in a chest which is enabled alongside the Imperial Dragon Armor within the imperial armory, two weeks after High Chancellor Ocato informs you of it.  If you have already received the Imperial Dragon Armor the chest wont appear.

The weapons are added to the testing hall only.  Open the console and type coc testinghall and enter the weapon warehouse.  coc weye to exit.

How to install?

Use a mod manager of your choice (recommended):

Mod Organizer 2(preferred) or Wrye Bash or Vortex:
Install as usual.

Manual installation:
1. Extract the contents of the archive into your Data folder
2. Activate the DragonBoneWeapons.esp

Known Issues:
None at the moment but if you notice anything please let me know.


Q: Is the mod compatible with...?
The mod adds new items only.  Apart from changes to Testing Hall's Weapons warehouse and Imperial Armory no original assets of the game are affected. Technically this mod should be compatible with everything.

Q: Does this mod come with Dragonbone armor?
A: No.

Q: Is this weapon added to leveled lists?
No but in the future, I will update this mod with a MOO addon which will add these weapons to the Hard named boss Leveled lists.

Q: Bow?
A: Potentially, I've been looking into figuring out bow strings in nifskope, it might be added in a future update.

Q: Skyrim Assets?
A: No, these are not Skyrim assets also fun fact the original mod released 6 months before Dawnguard DLC was announced.

Q: Does this mod use scripts?
A: No.

Q: Can I safely merge the mod with others?
A: Yes. If you want to merge this mod, please use the loose-files version. Alternatively you have to unpack the bsa-files by yourself.

Q: I found a bug.
A: Oh damn! Please report it in the bugs section of this page. Try to describe the issue as accurate as possible and mention the version you use.
    I will try to fix as soon as possible.

Q: Are the weapons lore-friendly?
A: Yes.

Q: Are the weapons overpowered?
A: Statistically they are the strongest amongst their weapon types except for longswords, Umbra is still the strongest.  Dragonbone are just one tier above Daedric and comes with no enchantments so no they are not overpowered.  Of course they can be enchanted after acquisition.

Q: Can you add...? / Can you change...?
A: Maybe. Feel free to ask.

Q: Are you from Trinidad and Tobago?
A: Yes, yes I am.  Hello from the Caribbean!

Q: I don't like these weapons.
A: Uriel Septim frowns upon you :(


Credits and special thanks to
ktacrations / theycallmecheese for Dragon Bone Weapons Complete.
Room207 for helping me fix the dragonbone dagger. 

and (of course):
Bethesda for one of the best games ever.

Thank You

Thank you for checking out the mod. I had this planned some years now and I am glad I can finally bring it to you all.

Please come back and endorse when you like the mod.  I'll really appreciate it.

Made it this far? Really? I am impressed. Congratulations and I hope you are having a great day. But now it's time to play...Enjoy!