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A barbaric solution to fixing the infamous normal/age map bug on OCO faces caused by Blockhead.

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Fixes theĀ infamous normal/age map bug with OCO faces while using Blockhead. It utilizes a quest script (OBSE required) that simply detects when you load a save, or boot up the game then load your save, it then changes the player's sex (console command, less glitchy than player.update3d) twice in a single frame (you won't even see the change, not even a flicker based on my testing). I would not consider myself a scripting wizard by any means, but it is a temporary solution until someone makes a more optimized script or OBSE plugin (ideal).

Through my testing, I haven't really found any issues with stat calculation or movement, at worst maybe a performance impact, but it's hard to say, I have not experienced any major bugs either.
There is however a slight delay for the player's face being updated due to quest scripts being a more savage and sluggish solution to fixing the bug.