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Adds Minecraft-style fishing mechanics, and several different fishing rods to the game. Fully voiced and configurable. Besides various fish, there's a very small chance you might fish up treasure or junk that could be nearly any item in the game!

Permissions and credits
1. Introduction

This is a fishing mod with visual & audio feedback, similar to how it is in Minecraft. Swing your fishing rod, watch the bobber land, and wait for the big "splash" to reel in quickly, while ignoring the smaller splashes. Besides fish, there's a very small chance to fish up nearly any item in the game, including ones from mods, so you can never be sure what your next catch might be - perfect for those who love gambling and rolling the dice.

2. Features

  • Active fishing mechanics with visual and audio feedback. Swing, watch your bobber, ignore the small splashes, and reel quickly on the big splash.
  • Five different types of fishing rods with different stats and unique properties to suit your fishing style.
  • Besides various fish to catch, there's a tiny chance to fish up nearly any item in the game, including ones from mods. You never know what the next catch might be!
  • All dialogue fully voiced with xVASynth.
  • Fully configurable .ini file to easily tweak everything to your liking.
  • Support for Extended UI's flavor text/item descriptions

3. Installation

  1. Install the latest version of Oblivion Script Extender (https://obse.silverlock.org/)
  2. Put "efFishingMod.esp" and the folders called “ini”, "menus", “Meshes”"Sound", and “Textures” in the "Oblivion\Data" folder
  3. Activate "efFishingMod.esp" (via a mod manager, or Oblivion’s launcher)
  4. (Optional) Open "efFishingMod_Config.ini" in "Oblivion\Data\ini\efFishingMod" to configure many aspects of the mod
  5. Run the game with Oblivion Script Extender (launch from "obse_loader.exe")

4. Compatibility

Everything should work fine, as this mod was designed to be quite self-contained from the start. For example, the rods are all added to merchant inventories through scripting, instead of any direct modification. All possible treasure/junk catches pull from the game's leveled lists, which means you can find items from any other mods that add items to the game's leveled lists!


- Extended UI - All items in this mod have flavor text, which is only viewable with Extended UI. Not essential at all, but it's also an excellent addition to the game in general.
- Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul - If detected, adds various treasures like runes and rune fragments from MOO to the treasure/junk pool, that don't get added to the regular game's leveled lists.

5. How to begin fishing

1. Head to The Flowing Bowl in Anvil and talk to Maenlorn. You can buy various fishing rods and the guide book "All About Fishing" from him, as well as ask him several things about fishing (fully voiced with xVASynth).
- Alternatively, the standard wooden fishing rod is available in the Imperial City (Jensine, Sergius from Three Brothers), Bravil (The Fair Deal), and Leyawiin (Best Goods and Guarantees)

2. Equip a fishing rod, and swing facing a body of water. There will be a small "splash", and your "bobber" will have landed. Once you see a big splash, quickly reel in by blocking (default right-click) to get your catch.

For more detailed information, consider reading either the in-game guide sold by Maenlorn at The Flowing Bowl in Anvil, or having a look at the stat sheet viewable online here (click).

6. Feedback, future plans, and credit

Let me know what you think of the mod in the comments, and any ideas if you have any.

Ideally, I would like to have unique models for different rods, but I don't have too much experience with modeling. Perhaps in the future. That said, much appreciation to Cyrodiil Rebuild for the current fishing rod model, and kastano for giving it collision. Thank you to stroti, for the fish models. Also thank you to LegoManIAm94, for the fishing rod icon.

7. Changelog

1.1.1 (6/20/2022)

Fixed texture path for fish models

1.1.0 (6/20/2022)

Replaced placeholder slaughterfish model & icon with custom fish models and icons (all credit to stroti, I merely recolored them & fixed the mipmaps)
- Cleaned .esp with TES4Edit

1.0.1 (6/19/2022)

Fixed file path for voice audio

1.0 (6/19/2022)

Initial release

8. Afterword

I made this mod over the course of 2 weeks, mainly to satisfy my desire for gambling. Not only is fishing a relaxing activity, but the fact that the next catch could actually be anything, including stuff from mods, is an aspect I really like. Also, no fishing mod I'm aware of exists for Oblivion that has actual visual & audio feedback like splashes, and has you reel in based off those splashes, so that was also a motivating factor.

Funny story - when I finally finished working on and fixing everything for the initial release, I went to start fishing in my actual playthrough. Immediately, the literal first catch I got was a Wumpfish, the rarest fish in the entire mod, sitting at 1/2000 odds. It takes an average of more than 11 hours of sitting doing nothing but fishing to find one, and that's assuming you never miss a reel. My heart rate actually went up and I let out a noise in real life.

If you like my mods, and would like to spare a few dollars, you can donate to me via PayPal. All donations are non-refundable, and are massively appreciated, but not expected at all. Thank you in advance if you choose to donate.

9. F.AQ. & Issues

Q. If I swing again immediately after a catch, I can see the last half a second of the big "splash" effect still playing.

A. I tried to stop the effect with StopMagicEffectVisuals, but it did not work. I think all magic effect visuals can't stop until they complete a full cycle. A very minor issue, but that's the explanation.

Q. Where is the fishing line?

A. I don't believe making one through TES Script is possible. It may be possible through some tricks with modeling or animation, but I have very little experience in those areas.

Q. Why are all the fishing rod models the same?

A. I have little experience in 3D modeling, so I cannot make good-looking unique models without further learning and practice, which is not in my interests at the time. If anyone is willing to offer their own models to make use of though, I would gladly accept and credit them.