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Adds Jewels used for enchanting into the game. Similar to sigil stones except they can be found in chests.

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Adds Jewels used for enchanting into the game. Similar to sigil stones except they can be found in chests.

The jewels aren't super rare and have a chance to be found in certain chests (list of chests). As you get higher in level, higher level jewels can appear but they are still not easy to find, as you will have a chance at finding all lower level jewels along with the higher level ones (spawn mechanics). The jewels are fairly balanced, with the exception (possibly) of the skulls. I haven't really tested these super well but they can restore health/magika/fatigue passively; not by much but still, these are the only items in the game with these effects.

New Models: 
Amethyst and Onyx jewels

Dwarven jewels have a whole new mesh and will prob look good in your display case... They sort of look like Rupees from Zelda.

If you have any technical questions PLEASE read everything in the Articles section of this mod first before asking me. If you've read my articles and still have questions feel free to ask. Just understand I won't be bending over backwards to explain anything. If you really want to know everything about the exact mechanics of this mod, just open the mod in CS and do your research there!


Anything that changes boss/etc chests contents placed after this mod.

*** Spare yourself the struggle and just make a Wrye Bash patched pluggin (if you don't understand how/why to do this, please look it up yourself. There are PLENTY of guides that explain this better than I will) 

None that I'm aware of. Report them to me if you find them!!

NOTE: It is not a bug that the jewels are rare >.> ;;; I've uploaded a version of the mod which allows you to travel to my debug room as shown in the mod images. I encourage you not to go here and just yank a bunch of jewels, bc that takes all the fun out of this game! Only go there to debug or you shall make me very sad... (-.-) <= so sad