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Modifies the contents of Jauffre's chest based on the player's attributes and skills.

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This little mod will change what the player finds in Jauffre's chest, depending on the players attributes and skills. The chest already comes stocked with a few base items, such as torches and restore health potions, but when you ask Jauffre for assistance his script will now check the players attributes and skills and add additional items to the chest according to the players stats. The script will take effect immediately after Jauffre has unlocked the chest.

Three attributes can affect the chest's contents: Agility, Intelligence and Strength. The changes only take effect if one or more of these attributes are at 50 or over. For example, if the player has a Strength value of 50 or more the script will add items to the chest that will be useful to warrior-type characters. An Agility value of 50 or over will result in items useful to sneaky characters. An Intelligence value of 50 or over delivers items useful to mages.

The skills that affect the chest's contents are: Alteration, Blade, Blunt, Conjuration, Destruction, Heavy Armor, Light Armor, Marksman, Mysticism and Restoration. If any one of these skills have a value of 25 or over, items related to these classes will be found in the chest. For example, a Blade skill value of 25 or over will add blade weapons to the chest and a Destruction skill value of 25 or over will add Destruction magic scrolls.

The only thing this mod edits is Jauffre's chest in Weynon Priory and Jauffre's script.
This mod has been cleaned with TES4Edit QuickAutoClean.