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Npc voice mod: Elves and Sheogorath speak French, Nord & Orc speak German and other Daedra speak Russian.

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I have collected four language versions of Oblivion: English, German, French and Russian. Throughout the years, I wish to make a mod that liberally brings real culture diversity to Cyrodiil. Finally, I have the work done. 

In this mod, citizens of Cyrodiil speak four languages: English, German, French and Russian.

(version 1.1)
Imperial speak English.
Breton speak English.
Nord speak German
Orc speak German. 

Altmer (High Elves) speak French.
Bosmer (Wood Elves) speak French.
Dunmer (Dark Elves) speak French.
Redguard speak English.
Argonian speak English.
Khajiit speak English.
Daedric lords speak French. 
Sheogorath (Shivering Isles DLC) speak French.

Dremora speak Russian.
Golden Saint speak Russian.
Dark Seducer speak Russian.

The mod contains voice files changes of default Oblivion, Shivering Isles DLC and Knights of the Nine DLC.

It is a pity that the steam German and French version don't include voice acting for other DLCs. I would personally give a credit to the Russian due to all their DLCs are voice acted. Anyway, if someone has voice acting files for other DLCs (German and French) please let me know to update. 

And I would like to make a similar mod for Skyrim if nobody have made one before. 


This mod only works with English Esm and Esp files, because the sub folder names are English. If you have other language Esm and Esp files, make sure change the sub folder names that can be read.   

This mod will work without a problem even you only have the default Oblivion.

This mod is compatible with all new land mods (Elsweyr Anequina, valenwood improved, twmp series..) and city/town/village mods (better cities, hesu series...). 

As for quest mods, npc mods and race mods, this mod will not overwrite your npc voices, as long as it doesn't use default game voice files. 


You either manually install through copy and paste or install with Obmm to see if there is any conflict first.  

I separated them into two files if someone not prefer Daedra speak Russian.