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A NPC beautification mod that combines other mods for compatibility and

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This mod combines Ren's Beauty Pack and Mystic Elves, Nequam's Ainmhe, Nequam's Elaborate Eyes, KyneTarse's Vampire Hunter's Sight and Khajiit Night Eye toggles, Grimdeath and Syko Fox's Tang Mo, Capucine's Colorable Beast Hair, Com's Argonian Headsets, Trigger190's Bald Hairstyle, and Theodic Marthil's Skyrim Khajiit. I also made the Dremora hair and blindfold playable.

I gave the Tang Mo all of the orcish eye options, reanimate eyes, vampire eyes, and the black-scleraed special eyes. Dremora have the actual Dremora eyes and the Dark Elf eyes. The Skyrim Khajiit have the Khajiit eye options. Ren's Mystic Elves have the human Elaborate Eyes now. The eye mesh they used caused issues with wonky eyes if a Mystic Elf became a vampire. However, I have remade the colors of the Mystic Elf eyes in Elaborate Eyes form. These are available for Ainmhe, Mystic Elves, and all humanoid races except for Dark Elves. Dark Seducer, Golden Saint, and Order eyes are remade, and available for all races except Argonians. Created new eyes for Sheogorath, added them to all races except Argonians.


Extract the contents of the archive to your data folder. Say yes when it asks if you want to overwrite. Activate the mod in the Oblivion launcher. If you use Thieves Arsenal, the fix for the googly eyes in it is inside the labeled folder. If you can't use 3.0 shaders, I apologize, a 2.0 shader fix is upcoming. Use Wrye Bash for best effect, just in case.

If you need a compatibility patch, use the labeled one instead of the normal BP ESP and instead of the ESP that comes with the other mod.

For Better Redguards: For users of TNR, position any TNR ESPs you have at the top of your mod list. (You don't have to activate them, for users of Wrye Bash) Load the BR-containing version of your choice below the TNR ESPs. (Or at the top of your mod list, if you don't use TNR) The TNR - Redguards is included in BR, so TNR - Redguards is redundant. Use Wrye Bash's patching feature, as explained in the Wrye Bash documentation. In Better Redguards, the proper tags have already been added. BP WILL need to be checked.

If you have a race-changing mod that clashes with BP:


Exnem's body mod DOES work with Beautiful People without any special changes. Most body mods don't. This one does. Thanks, dev_akm, for telling me of this! However, there are no textures in Exnem's default mod for many of the races included.

No other mods that modify races in ANY way at all, cosmetic or otherwise, will work with Beautiful People. This excludes texture replacers.

To make race-changing mods (Including body mods!) compatible, I recommend the latest version of Wrye Bash. Wrye has full instructions in Bash's documentation. You will have to add the correct tags to whichever version you use, even the compat. patches. Apologies for that. I'll fix it eventually, but it's easy to correct in the meantime.

However, the custom races may not be affected by this. You may have to find versions of the races with whatever body mod loaded to fix them.


Download the Compatibility Patch. Just extract the appropriate file into the Data folder and say yes when it asks if you want to overwrite the old files. Uncheck BP from your load order: This does the job instead. This could also be used if you don't have MMM and simply want resized BP races.

If you want both MM and MMM Resized Races, or at least MM and resized races at all, there is also a compatibility ESP included. Use this, allow it to overwrite when you extract it, and uncheck both the MMM Resized Races ESP and Beautiful People.

Now included are multiple patches for Luchaire's Better Redguards, Better Redguards and MM, Better Redguards and MMM, and BR + MM + MMM. The previous instructions apply. Just don't use any ESP except the compatibility ESP. These are TNR faces and should be Wrye Bashed in. Follow the instructions in Installation for this.

NOTE: MM compatibility does not extend to SI. There are mods coming out to extend its compatibility to SI; you will need one of these, too. Also, MM compatibility may not extend beyond this version. We'll see.


Almost all hair has been added to all races. If they clip too much for you, just don't use it. I left the choice there for whoever wants it. Future versions will be fixed in this respect.

If you want to change the race of an existing character, open the console and type showracemenu. Choose your new race and hair. Do not close the console while editing. Do NOT close the race menu after editing. Just save and then reload the save game.

If your video card does not support 3.0 shaders, a version is upcoming. My apologies, I'm having troubles with it.

If you have a saved game in which the default Khajiit Eye of Night spell is active on your character, load the game and allow the spell to wear off before activating this mod.

DO NOT load this mod for the first time if Hunter's Sight is currently active on your character. Wait for the effect to wear off and save your game first.

Conversely, DO NOT unload this mod while Hunter's Sight is active on your character. Deactivate it and save your game first.

DO NOT cure your vampirism with Hunter's Sight activated on your character.


You probably have one of two problems.

1. You have used a mod that modifies the default races. These changes override my changes. The google-eyed problem specifically has been fixed in 2.5, but my changes still WILL NOT persist if you use a mod that modifies races. If you put my mod in front of the other, their changes will not persist. This cannot be helped unless you bite the bullet and use Wrye Bash to... well, bash together the changes yourself. It'd probably be easier to replicate the other mod's changes inside the Beautiful People ESP, as BP makes a bloody lot of changes and additions. The drag and drop hurts, trust me.

2. You have used a mod that adds a race. This problem has been fixed in 2.5. However, no matter what, you still will not have the hair and eye additions from Beautiful People for the custom race unless you or the mod maker adds them themself.

If all else fails, please use Wrye Bash's Bashed patch feature. It helps considerably.


2.7: Added the Seducer, Saint, and Order eyes to Ainmhe - got left out somehow, and I happened to notice. Made new eyes for Sheogorath, added them to him and all the races except Argonians. Double-checked the Wrye Bash tags on all ESPs, fixed some incorrect ones. Wrye Bash for best effect.

2.6: Checked the Dremora, Reanimate, and Vampire eyes as playable. Made sure the Golden Saint, Dark Seducer, and Order eye races were playable. (Were unchecked in most MM ESPs) Updated all BR versions to work for SI Redguards as well (Soon to be in the normal version of BR). Added proper Wrye Bash tags to all ESPs. Copied over Capucine Colorable Beast Hair files again to ensure all are present.

2.5: Removed special eye meshes. Instead use them as an overwrite. Added Argonian Headsets. Updated to include new eye options from Shivering Isles. Cleared out Custom Race fixes, which means the Unofficial Oblivion Patch is now required. Added compatibility patch for Martigen's Monster Mod's Resized Races ESP, Mighty Magick, Better Redguards, and combinations of the three.

2.2: 2.0 shader version is fixed. Thank god. Go, Sammy Grey and Motub!

2.1: Included A version with the hair fix. Also includes a Mighty Magick version with the hair fix.

2.0: Improved readme. Condensed important notes about included mods. Elaborate Eyes and Ainmhe updated to 1.2. Eyes for Ren's Mystic Elves changed to Elaborate Eyes mesh, and Elaborate Eye-type Mystic Elf eyes created. And... uh, it got alot bigger pretty quickly. Incorporated requests. KyneTarse's Vampire Hunter's Sight and Khajiit Night Eye toggles, Capucine's Character Creation (Except the eyes), and Theodic Marthil's Skyrim Khajiit. Mighty Magick now supports this.

1.0: Release