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A plugin replacer for Oblivion Character Overhaul that removes all dirty edits and ITM records. Optionally restores vanilla hairs.

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Oblivion Character Overhaul Cleaned
Oblivion Character Overhaul


This mod is intended as a replacer for the Oblivion Character Overhaul .esp plugin. The original plugin contains a large number of dirty edits, mainly affecting NPC stats. This plugin simply replicates the original OCO plugin, but removes any edits that are not related to cosmetics and cleans a couple of the ITM records that were included in the original.

I have also included all the relevant cosmetic-related bashed tags for the file, meaning you can use a bashed patch to copy forward all the cosmetic changes and (if done correctly) resolve any conflicts in your load order. This also means you don't need something like Oblivion Character Overhaul v2 - Unofficial Patch, as a bashed patch will merge all the correct changes from the OCO and the Unofficial Patches without the need for another mod—it is far cleaner to do it this way.

Finally, I have made an optional file that removes the new OCO hair replacers and restores vanilla hair to all NPCs whose hair was changed in the original OCO mod. I've stated before that I'm not a fan of these new hairstyles as they look like they belong to an angsty teenager.

I recommend Oblivion Character Overhaul V2 - DLC Faces to cover the NPCs from the other official DLCs and Vanilla Hair Replacer for better vanilla hair textures (unfortunately, it requires an annoying manual install). The rest of my recommendations for character visuals can be found in my guide, Through the Valleys, where this mod will soon replace Oblivion Character Overhaul Compatibility Edition.

Extra Information

The cause of the majority dirty edits in the original mod may actually be rather benign. When some character records are loaded up in the Construction Set, some of their auto-calculated stats or minimum levels change automatically, and these changes are then saved in the file. I can only predict that this is because some NPCs were created at points when certain levelling-related gamesettings were different, leading to some stats being automatically recalculated the next time the NPC is edited. I predict that this also happens in-game too, so shouldn't be much of an issue, but the main issue is that having these changes baked into an .esp can confuse Wrye Bash and FNVEdit. However, there also some more obviously erroneous dirty edits, which aren't related to the above point.

OCO has edits to well over one thousand NPCs, so the occurrence of dirty edits is not beyond what would normally be expected—the mod is not badly made to any degree. I've simply tidied it up.

All dirty edits were cleaned by using Automation Tools to remove any changes to NPCs that were not related to cosmetics using various processing steps. I then manually checked for consistency and copied a handful of changes for the female Dremora.


This mod still requires the original Oblivion Character Overhaul be installed first. I would also expect that you would be using Seamless - OCOv2 as well.

Installation Steps
  • Download and install Oblivion Character Overhaul.
  • Download and install Seamless - OCOv2.
  • Download and install the Oblivion Character Overhaul Cleaned main file from this page.
  • (Optional) Download and install the vanilla hair optional file from this page.
  • Download and install Oblivion Character Overhaul V2 - DLC Faces.
  • Rebuild your bashed patch. Your load order and install priority should match the order that the mods are mentioned above.

Done. This should provide conflict-free results and a consistent and comprehensive visual overhaul for all NPCs.

If you are using Seamless - OCOv2, you do not require any of the optional files from the original Oblivion Character Overhaul page.

If you are not using Seamless - OCOv2, then you should use the miscellaneous non-seamless file from this mod page instead of the main file. You're also on your own when it comes to downloading OCO's optional patches and patching for body mods, etc, so I'd suggest just taking the seamless pill as it's less complex overall.

See my Through the Valleys guide for more recommendations.


Just uncheck the mod. Uninstalling this mod will have no permanent effects on your save game.


This will conflict with any mods that alter NPCs, but I have included all the relevant bashed tags for you to be able to resolve conflicts automatically using a bashed patch. Notably, patches such as Oblivion Character Overhaul v2 - Unofficial Patch are obsolete as Wrye Bash will forward any fixes from the Unofficial Patches automatically—this is far cleaner than using a separate patch.

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