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Decorative gates alongside the main roads mark the boundaries of the Counties of Cyrodiil.

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No official map has ever marked the borders of the Counties of Cyrodiil, so this is my own interpretation of where those borders would be (see map), marked in the world with decorative county signs.

What are the empty spaces on the map?
We already know that the Imperial City isn't located within any county (although in the old beta game map, this region was "County Imperium") - the Heartlands are governed directly from Imperial City. There are two other regions of hinterland that I have kept outside the counties:
  • In the west, the Imperial Reserve, between Kvatch and Chorrol counties. This is presumed to be maintained as a Reserve by the Imperial government or the hypothetical "Duke of Colovia", outside of the counties.
  • In the east, the backwaters of the Nibenay Basin, nominally ruled by the hypothetical "Duke of Nibenay", because I can't see the counts of Cheydinhal or Bravil bothering about this region. If it existed however, this would be County Corrup, where Mir Corrup should be located.

Should be compatible with most things unless something directly edits the same area. Compatible with Unique Landscapes by design. Separate file available for Roads of Cyrodiil users, which adds border signs to the Half Way Inn road between Bravil and Skingrad, and the Upper Niben Bridge road between Bravil and Cropsford.

Minor incompatibility with road-sign texture replacers - they still work but don't look quite right.