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Makes Enhanced Economy's Loot Removal Feature compatible with Companion Vilja. so that you don't lose items stored with Vilja.

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Enhanced Economy (by TheNice0ne) is the premier economy balancing mod for Oblivion. Among many other features, it has a popular loot removal feature that removes loot from containers to prevent you from making tons of money early on in the game. Also make sure to install Lubrons Patch, and then install this mod after that.

Companion Vilja (by Emma and cdcooley) is one of the most popular companion mods.behind the scenes, it uses an inventory system that is through an actor called "Share", "Blue Storage Bag", "Pyjamas Bag", and "Red Storage Bag".

When these mods are played together, Vilja often loses her inventory items.

This ini file for Enhanced Economy makes sure Vilja is not touched by Enhanced Economy.

Install Instructions:
1) Install Enhanced Economy
2) Install Lubrons Patch
3) Install Vilja
4) Install This mod. Overwrite "Enhanced Economy - Immune.ini" from Lubrons patch