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TheNiceOne - patched by lubronbrons

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Complete overhaul of Oblivion's economic game : more immersive and adjustable economic difficulty to each player's taste. All features can be disabled or tweaked

Permissions and credits
This is patched version for this mod >>> http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/25078
you MUST download that mod first, and follow its install instruction !
after that, you should replace the files with this patch

What is this mod do ?
Enhanced Economy is a complete overhaul of Oblivion's economic game, in order to achieve two goals: To make it more immersive, and to make it possible to adjust the economic difficulty to each player's taste. Dynamic Barter Gold can be tweaked, and all other features can be disabled or tweaked, so it is very easy to adjust the mod to your taste.

Because the original author TNO (TheNiceOne) is not seen since 20 May 2015
I take initiative make a revision, a patch for this GREAT mod

This is what I fix (r1 - 24 Aug 2016) :
- sometimes you will see EE print errors in console. Coz there's script error in dialog generator function, I fixed this bug
- I make sure sv_Destruct for all strings, so no savegame bloat
- fps will be better for sure, I change fQuesDelayTime to 0.03
(r2 - 26 Aug 2016) :
- bug in container validation, cause wrong false positive error syntax ClearOwnerShip_T bug fixed
(r3 - 27 Aug 2016) :
- fixed bug in EEmainQuest script with better solution
(r4 - 4 Okt 2016) :
- fix EEresetBarterGold that can cause script error when reset barter gold for SI merchants
- can fetch any quest items without bounty when looting corpses, for user that use EE illegal loot feature
(r5 - 14 Okt 2016) :
- added pricing feature again coz several users mention about they need this. Now I make pluggy mod optional, coz I not using pluggy and EE pricing feature. If you use price feature from EE, make sure you have pluggy mod verion 132 or more correctly installed in your setup

I sent email to original author regarding this patch for precaution.
if someday the original author come back and modding Oblivion again, also want to take this mod down
I would be happy to do that, because it is such courtesy and I acknowledge that
all credits goes to original author
I'm just a small time modder, that stumble upon this great mod and happen to know how to fix its current issues
so everybody can use it without any remorse
by endorsing this - then you participated & help others to reach this. To feel maximum potential of great mod without issues !

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