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Spoiler-free overview: OOO Extended is an add-on for Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul. It causes a couple problems in the Mages Guild storyline. These mods aim to fix that.

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Spoiler-free list of fixes:

  • OOOExtended Caranya Fix: In OOO Extended, Master Wizard Caranya has a bug from a typo in one of her important NPC scripts. This just fixes that script typo. Credit to StellarMaterial for finding it and making the ESP.
  • OOOExtended Traven Resist Magic Fix: OOO Extended gives Arch-Mage Traven a Resist Magic buff "ZResistMagicMedium" which is different from the buff "ZResistMagicNormal" given to him by OOO Base or the Banes Guilds United OOO patch. Using Wrye Bash to merge his spell lists into a Bashed Patch gives him both resist magic buffs on top of his race bonus, for a game-breaking total of 115% Resist Magic. This mod fixes that by forcing Wrye Bash to overwrite his spell list with the one from OOO Extended, using the Actors.Spells Bash tag.

Wrye Bash instructions: Add these to your load order after anything OOO or Banes Guild related, then merge into Bashed Patch.

Other notes: