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This mod adds unique pictures for all loading screens in the base game & shivering isles.

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Vanilla Style Loading Screens Addon

· - = | Description | = - ·

This mod adds unique pictures for all loading screens in the base game & shivering isles. Originally, there were 336 loading screens that used and reused 50 different pictures. I created 286 new loading screen graphics. Some match the topic their text talks about, others are just random.

Additionally, it makes the city specific loading screens available in open cities.

If you have another game language, you can import just the images by adding the NoMerge tag in Wrye Bash, in addition to the provided Graphics tag. NoMerge might behave funny when using cBash and this will not carry over the changes to make city loading screens appear in open cities.

If you are wondering, for my screenshots I use the included XML on top of a DarNified install with large fonts and DarN_Kingthings_Exeter_28.fnt as font 1.

· - = | Known Issues / Compatibility | = - ·

Not compatible with other mods that change the loading screens (obviously). If in doubt, load this one after.
While in theory working with all UI mods (as in, no gamebreaking bugs), some will most likely look strange or plain bad.
I would recommend using vanilla UI, DarNified UI or Northern UI away. A version for DarkUI is also available.
I've added an optional xml based on the vanilla UI for loading screens you can try when using another interface mod.

Not really an "issue" but the new loading screens match the original resolution of 1024x512 pixel.
Depending on your screen resolution, they will be upscaled and stretched.

· - = | Installation | = - ·

Install at least the contents of the "00 Core" folder.
(Please use a mod manager for this, it will make your life much easier.)
Activate the .esp in a game launcher of your choice or merge it into the Bashed Patch.

The folder "20 Vanilla without Alpha" contains the original vanilla loading screens, but at half their size, since they all had an unnecessary alpha channel. It probably makes no noticeable difference, but since I changed them for myself, I thought why not include it.

The folder "30 Optional XML" contains a variant of the vanilla loading screen xml. I would suggest only using that if loading screens look weird with whatever UI mod you are using.

The folder "50 NON Shivering Isles version" contains an alternative ESP without the Shivering Isle loading screens. You should NOT be using this unless you somehow have a version of the game without SI. Please be aware that I have no way to test this version.

If you intend to use the upscaled version by mark12000 from here, you can download the file from the optional section which includes only the esp and xml, so you don't have to download the textures twice. Obviously only use the ESP ONLY file if you will be using the upscaled version!

· - = | Recommended Mods | = - ·

DarNified UI, easier to install as a Bain package.
Northern UI Away for controller support

My MOO Themed Loading Screens mod, which also has a vanilla style option