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About this mod

This mod will animate third-person player interaction with objects in the world. It will also optionally animate the eating of food/ingredients and the drinking of potions. Includes Gamepad support for Northern UI.

Permissions and credits
- Requirements - 

English version of Oblivion
OBSE (v0021) or xOBSE (Recommended)

- Description -

This mod will animate third person player interaction with objects in the world. It will additionally also animate the eating of food/ingredients and drinking of potions for both the player and NPC's. Optionally gives potions to NPC's that they can visibly consume once their health is low. Everything can be disabled or configured in the included ini.

- Installation - 

Just drop the files in your data folder, or install with Wrye Bash, and remember to read the included ini.

How to install with Wrye Bash:


The ini includes height offset options for tall/short characters, a quickloot mode for use with mods such as Loot Menu, and a full compatibility mode that was made for Unnecessary Violence 3 but should also work for other mods that use quest scripts to determine which object is currently under the crosshair.

How to configure the mod using the ini:


How to get rid of third-person camera lag:


- Compatibility -

- New Eating Animations by harisonzamperla is included in the mod, and also applies to the player.

- Recent versions of the mod should be compatible with just about anything. If it's not working as it should, check the ini and try enabling compatibility mode.

Why no first person support?


If a consumable item gets stuck in your character's hand, open the console with the ~ key and type 'player.update3d' without the quotes to fix it. I'm looking into it but I'm not sure what causes it, seems to be random and doesn't happen that often.

- Recommended Mods -

- WalkBlessed (allows you to rotate the camera and look at your character while they're eating/drinking)

- Credits and Thanks - 

The OBSE team
llde for xOBSE
Bethesda for the Elder Scrolls games
harisonzamperla for New Eating Animations
users LuxDivinity and Milince for requesting features for my other mod, which in turn made this mod possible

Also check out my Combat Mod, it allows you to backstab enemies while they're trying to drink potions. It also includes another (quicker) animated way to restore Health and Magicka, in the form of Healing Grass.