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Adds more varied enemy spawns to the roads of Cyrodiil.

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This mod will add more enemy variety to the roads of Cyrodiil. With this mod you will have a 25% chance of meeting one of 12 new enemy types.
They only have a 25% chance of spawning because I don't want them to become repetitive and annoying, like getting off your horse for the fifth time to fight ANOTHER wolf. With a 25% spawn chance, I'm hoping the encounters will be more random and unexpected. All the enemies are leveled.
You are more likely to encounter these enemies on unmarked roads.

EDIT: As of the 1.4 update all enemies added by this mod and the SI version have been deleveled and their equipment rebalanced. Both the normal and the SI versions are included in the archive. Since the leveled lists version had a thousand downloads over the regular version, I just decided to merge them together. Check the readme for a changelog.

This mod adds the following enemies:

Angered Spirit
A large wraith, looming over the road. They are resistant to fire, immune to paralysis and have a 10 point spell absorption. Like all ghosts, they are immune to normal weapons but not resistant to frost. They have seven custom spells along with a randomly chosen spell which can damage any of your attributes by 2 points. They are always one level above the player. Angered Spirits do not belong to any faction and will attack other undead.

Goblin Raiders
Goblin raiders can appear in pairs or alone, preying on travelers. These are leveled goblins which are armed to the teeth and sometimes carry shields as well. Goblin Raiders vary in rank and strength and can be challenging opponents.

Lost Spirit
Lost ghosts wandering the roads of Cyrodiil. They behave much like normal ghosts but with two unique spells and two leveled destruction spells in addition to the normal ghost spells and abilities. Lost Spirits do not belong to any faction and will attack other undead.

Wandering Zombies
Zombies wandering the roads in the afterlife. They can appear in up to groups of three so be careful, or lead them to the nearest Legion guard and enjoy the chaos. If you have a mod that makes nights darker, these guys can be seriously jump-scary.

Argonian Thieves
Argonians clad in leather armor, wielding either shortswords or bows. They are likely to carry random poisons and have may have a random hood on. Argonian Thieves are more likely to spawn in the Blackwood region.

Wild Cannibal
Feral humans, wielding rusty iron weapons out looking for their next meal.

Khajiit Robbers
Act just like the Khajiit Highwaymen, will run up to you and demand your gold. They wield leveled daggers, wear random clothing and hoods, often with leather or fur gauntlets/boots. Likely to carry poison.

Necromancer Bodysnatchers
Ever wonder where Necromancers get all those body parts from? They abduct people off the roads, of course! You will be their next project if you don't win this fight. They are just like normal necromancers, with a chance to carry black soul gems.

Nord Barbarians clad in random sets of fur armor, wielding iron weapons. They often carry animal pelts and health/fatigue potions. Barbarians only spawn in the Jerall Mountains.

Orc Raiders
Orc Raiders are clad in leveled heavy armor, wielding leveled two-handed weapons. Orc Raiders are always one level above the player and can be quite the doozy for an unprepared player!

Rogue Mages
Mages gone AWOL, robbing and killing travelers to survive. They have a whole bunch of random leveled spells. They have a small chance of carrying soul gems, always carry some kind of ingredients and low-level weapons.

Ghost Warriors
Ghosts of fallen warriors that stalk the roads. They are immune to normal weapons but weak to magic. Always one level above the player.

Shivering Isles:
These enemies do not appear in The Fringe.

Escaped Experiments
Relmyna really should keep a tighter leash on these things... Her escaped little projects have random destruction spells and regenerate health.

Felldew Addicts
These addicts will kill you for your stuff, which they will sell to get more Felldew! They often have Felldew on them.

Insane Adventurers
You are not the first adventurer to enter the Shivering Isles, but the first to remain (relatively) sane. These Insane Adventurers carry low-level weapons and armor, both heavy and light. They may also carry some potions.

Madness Golem
The forces of madness, compiled into a towering monolith that wants to kill you. Resistant to magic and likely to drop madness ore.

Since I made this mod using the vanilla landscape, Unique Landscapes might have some problems with it. Some spawns will likely be misplaced if you play with UL. Some of them might work, though. Any other mods that heavily alter the main and unmarked roads will have problems with this mod. Some vanilla spawns were replaced with the new spawns as well.
I cleaned this mod using TES4EditQuickAutoClean.

Just extract whichever file you want to use from the zip file into your Oblivion/Data folder, check the esp file in your Oblivion launcher and you're good to go!