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Makes slow walking quest NPCs run.

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This mod makes NPCs run instead of walk when you are accompanying them for certain quests, such as the Odiil brothers during The Killing Field quest.

Currently affects:

  • Baurus during the quest 'The Path of Dawn' (travelling to and inside the sewers)
  • Pinarus Inventius during the quest 'A Rat Problem' (travelling to the mountain lions)
  • Modryn Oreyn during the 'Azani Blackheart' quest (travelling from Arpenia to Atatar)
  • Velwyn Benrirus during the 'Where Spirits Have Lease' quest (travelling to Benirus Manor to lift the curse)
  • Antus and Rallus Odiil during the quest 'The Killing Field' (travelling to Odiil Farm to fight the goblins)
  • The Forlorn Watchman during the quest 'The Forlorn Watchman' (travelling from Bawnwatch Camp to near Fort Irony)
  • Elante of Alinor during the quest 'The Wandering Scholar' (travelling to the Daedric shrine)
  • Orrin during the quest 'Taking Care of Lex' (travelling to the secret castle passage)
  • Harrow during the quest 'Dagon Shrine' (travelling to the Mehrunes Dagon shrine in the Mythic Dawn hideout)
  • Jeetum-Ze during the quest 'Infiltration' (travelling to Blackwood Company Training Hall)
  • Savlian Matius during the quest 'Breaking the Siege of Kvatch' (travelling to the Kvatch chapel)
  • Countess Narina Carvain and Burd during the quest 'Defense of Bruma' (travelling to Bruma Chapel)
  • Martin, Burd and the Blades during the quest 'Defense of Bruma' (travelling to the Great Gate site)
  • Claude Maric during the quest 'Nothing You Can Possess' (travelling to the Tiber Septim Hotel)
  • Kud-Ei during the quest 'Through A Nightmare, Darkly' (travelling to Henantier's House)
  • Weebam-Na during the quest 'Mazoga the Orc' (travelling to Castle Leyawiin)
  • Emperor Uriel Septim and the Blades during the quest 'Tutorial' (original mod by riothomevideos2 merged into this mod with permission given)
  • Hal-Liurz and Janus Hassildor during the quests 'Vampire Cure', 'Ulterior Motives' and 'Information at a Price' (travelling to and from the Count's room)
  • Syl during the quest 'The Lady of Paranoia' (travelling to the torture room)

All Unofficial Patch changes have been carried forward, and it is mergeable into the bashed patch.

I am still expanding on this mod, so if you know of any more slow walking quest NPCs let me know.

Also check out Quest NPCs Run for Skyrim Special Edition.