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Replaces the standard torch Idle Animations with a more realistic and adventurous looking ones. Also Glowing Stones to hold as a new infinite Torches

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Torch and Stones - A Torch Idle replacer and glowing stones to use with them!

This mod replaces the standard torch Idle Animations with a more realistic and adventurous looking one. No more handburns without a fireproof gauntlet

and also adds 6 new colored Stones with a little smaller radius than torches but do give you infinite light 

I seperated those too also for people who only wishes to use the Animations

if you want the glowing stones you need to download "Torches - Torch Idle replacer" and "Stones - Glowstones"


Torches - Torch Idle Replacer

-replaces the Onehand, handtohand and normal torch idle with new ones. Support for DMC stylish included.

Stones - Glowstones

- adds 6 colored stones into the Testinghall (you can get there by using the console and type "coc testinghall") in a chest called "chest with glowing stones


Torches - Torch Idle Replacer - 99 priority

-does same as the main one but with 99 bone priority which means will always override any movement from other animations. Usable for those who willingly would try to experiment with Pose mods 


Using different Animations from mods can break the Torch Idle animations and let you hold your torch very unhealthy.

Sneaking may not look good at all but who the hell sneaks with torches?

For now both Parts only work in 3rd Person perfectly. The glowing Stones will not look right if you go into 1st Person

Mods that already implements carryable Lanterns will look wrong since those Objects are rigged to the Vanilla Idle


Do what you want with it. Just crediting me is enough. This is more of a modders Ressouce, so other modders can use this animations as a base for new lightsources. lanterns and such.


Bethesda Softworks -- For the Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion