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This rebalances and unlevels gold rewards for quests to make them less underwhelming and better fit quests circumstances rather than just simply unleveling all gold rewards, as in some cases the highest amount was still unfitting of the circumstances.

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This rebalances and unlevels quest gold rewards to make them more fitting of the circumstances of the quests and make the gold rewards less underwhelming and disappointing. You will now always receive the same amount of gold for completing a quest which rewards gold regardless of your level and the amount has been adjusted based upon the circumstances of the quest, such as who is paying you and why and where the gold is coming from. For example, in the quest An Unexpected Voyage, your reward is the bounty of Selene, she is a wanted violent and potentially murderous criminal, yet the max gold reward for the quest is 450 gold at level 25, absurd. In this case the reward was raised to 800, I feel this keeps balance, makes it more realistic and at the same time removes the underwhelming feeling of the vanilla reward. I was sure to carefully consider each quest and it's aspects when i made these adjustments and ensured they were fitting for the circumstances, in some cases the max amount i felt was fitting already and left it be. I made this because I couldn't find another mod that only touched quest gold rewards specifically and no mod did any rebalancing of the gold, which I felt it was in need of. This mod covers the main game, Shivering Isles & The Orrery DLC (The Orrery is optional). I left the arena's gold rewards alone however as I felt it was already pretty decently balanced. I hope you find the changes I've made pleasing and if you have suggestions for this mod please share as i know i may have missed a quest or two.

Install with a mod manager or extract the esp to your data folder. Place later in your load order to keep anything from conflicting with this plugin.

Note on bashed tags
As of 1.4 the bashed tags are different so be sure that wrye bash is using the right ones for this mod.

Change Log
-Version 1.4- I've added several quests that weren't included before, including Repairing the Orrery, which i have made optional for those who don't use that plugin. Several of them are Shivering Isles quests as well as a few vanilla, this time around I added a couple that weren't gold reward quests but they needed to be unleveled and they are fitting for this mod so i've included them as well, these quests are The Potato Snatcher and No Stone Unturned, you will now recieve a unleveled amount of potato bread for The Potato Snatcher and a unleveled number of potions for No Stone unturned rather than the leveled amounts. The Two Sides of The Coin quest rewards have also been unleveled, so now the box of treasure you learn the location of will feel more like, well, treasure! hah. The rest of the added quests have gotten the usual treatment and are gold reward quests. I doubt there is many gold reward quests left out of this mod at this point so this may be the completed version, we will see though.

-Version 1.3- I've rebalanced the Shivering Isles quest Museum Oddities, the value of each oddity has been increased to make it more satisfying of a treasure hunt and giving more realistic values to these curiosities. A few have had their value greatly increased, such as the Sheogorath shaped amber, this should have a high value in the mad gods own plane of oblivion, or the pelvis of a mad emperor, and so now they do. Thanks to Oooiii for bringing this quest to my attention, I likely wouldn't of gotten to it for a long time as I have been not playing oblivion as actively lately.

-Version 1.2- I've fixed the issue with the final dead drop quest only rewarding 500 gold, now will reward 1000 as the others. This particular dead drop has scripts relating to it in both the Unofficial Oblivion Patch and Open Cities Reborn and also i'm certain Open Cities Classic, so ensuring this is compatible with other mods without patches was slightly tricky but it's quite simple at the same time. The UOP removes the gold from enilroths inventory and has it placed in the barrel with the dead drop, then the open city mods use different barrel references, so to simplify things i simply changed the script that the UOP altered to remove the gold from enilroth and place it in the barrel, instead now it will be kept in his inventory like vanilla, as enilroth is consistent regardless of using open cities or not. So this solutions keeps everything simple as possible and maintains compatibility without needing multiple versions for Open Cities mods and such.

-Version 1.1- I've taken the changes made by Dark Brotherhood Gold Rewards Unleveled and merged them into this mod for convenience of those who wish to use that mod with this one as well as making this mod more complete. So you no longer need to use that mod if you are using this mod. This also made me consider the gold rewards for the dead drops which i had previously not covered. So I've rebalanced the dead drop gold rewards and raised them from 500 gold per contract to 1000. I feel this is a more fitting reward for a high ranking assassin contract such as one commissioned by the black hand. So now all gold rewards for the Dark Brotherhood have been unleveled and/or rebalanced.

-This is fully compatible with zamir's Unleveled Quest Rewards mod as that mod doesn't touch gold rewards.

-This is fully compatible with MOO's unleveled quest rewards ini options as the option to unlevel gold quest rewards is separate from the other ini option, I think even if you enabled the unleveled gold option it would still be compatible as my mod has already unleveled the gold anyways, however that would be pointless.

-This is fully compatible with OOO 1.5.11, OOO touches 5 quest gold rewards and as long as you load my mod after OOO, my mods changes will take effect over the changes OOO made to the 5 records.

-As of 1.3, there is a minor conflict with OOO Shivering Isles, loading rebalanced and unleveled quest gold rewards after OOO will resolve the conflict and there should be no problem. Though i have not tested this quest myself so please inform me if you encounter any problem in using these two mods together during that quest.

There should be little to no compatibility issues with anything, loading my mod after any conflicting mod should be enough to have any conflicts resolved. Let me know if you have any issues.