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  • A full explanation of the game's BSA handling

    The game's internal class for BSA files is Archive, a subclass of BSFile. Archives don't store the full contents of all packed files in memory; instead, they store entries indicating the 64-bit hash of the folder/file name, and: for files, the offset of the file's contents inside of the BSA, and the file's size in bytes; for folders, a pointer to an array of the file entries in that folder. Folders are not nested in a BSA: given a path like "foo\bar\baz.dds," the Archive doesn't consider "bar" a folder inside of "foo;" rather, the Archive has two folders, one called "foo" and the other called "foo\bar."

    Those aware of the BSA file format will know that every archive has flags specifying how the names of its files and folders should be handled. If an archive is flagg...