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This mod aims to randomize most of Oblivion.

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ANNOUNCEMENT: I have ceased work on this project as I'm too busy and am no longer playing Oblivion,
Try this MUCH better randomizer by brknndd!

Please don't hesitate to leave feedback/recommendations for me, I may take it into consideration!

Why a randomizer?

I love the concept of randomizers for games (like Legend of Zelda for example) to give it a completely random experience.
What's currently available?
So far I have only tackled the leveled lists and a small poriton of npc's equipment and spells, believe me it's very tedious to go through them one by one, deleting and replacing, but if the mod gets some support, I will certainly consider working on it more.
I've also only covered the base game and Shivering Isles, I may look into doing the DLCs, but I don't think it's 100% necessary.
Is it compatible with mods?
It depends what kind of a mod it is, I wouldn't recommend using mods alongside this, to get the full experience, unless they are just lifehack mods that won't interfere (alternative start, scripts)
Will this mod break the game in any way?

Yes, it will activate some quests early should you encounter associated enemies (like Jyggalag)(which is why I recommend saving often :)) but it will play nice in most scenarios as the enemies will use the script package defined in that LL marker most of the time, (I tested The Killing Field and Breaking the Siege of Kvatch, they worked mostly fine.)
What's planned?
I would like to tackle the armour, loot, spellists and maybe even static NPC's, to create as random of an experience as possible, it will be very time consuming, but as I said, if this mod gets a bit of support, I shall consider expanding it.
I would also foresee myself including multiple options to suit peoples preferences in the future. As of right now, a Quest Friendly version is planned when the main verison gets finished.