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Randomizes containers, NPCs and creatures.

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I apologize for the lack of updates, however it would appear that every time I fix one issue, three more pop up. I was expecting to release a new version over two weeks ago, but unfortunately it turned out to be impossible. My personal life has become quite busy and I cannot spend as much time working on it as I used to. Thank you for your support and I hope I'll get it fixed.

Oblivion Randomizer seeks to randomize as many parts of the game as possible, which currently include:
* items stored in containers
* items carried and worn by actors
* actors' aggression, confidence, responsibility (optional)
* vampirism
* (preview) actors' race
* the creatures you encounter
* actor scaling (optional)
* random effects applied on each attack (optional)

* discarded RandomizerAttrib.ESP, RandomizerDelay.ESP and RandomizerQuest.ESP
* created a configuration file (Randomizer.cfg) that allows the player to customize certain plugin options
* added a random chance for any attack to apply a random effect to the target actor (disabled by default)
* added actor scaling (disabled by default)
* added a way to restore the base actor stats (disabled by default)
* if you choose not to randomize essential actors' stats, then their confidence and responsibility will also no longer be randomized

* the newly randomized race will now be restored after quitting the game and reloading a save. If you're playing on a save from an old version of this mod, the races will be re-randomized upon loading
* fixed an issue that prevented an Elven race from transforming into another Elven race
* fixed an error in the readme

First release