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Replaces numerous artifacts and unique items with their own special models.

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This mod replaces the artwork of around ~550 items with new models and textures. Using mods like One of a Kind Weapons and Vanilla Staff Replacer I was able to have a base to work upon to give new models to even more items. Now they are truly unique.

This mod requires the Unofficial Oblivion Patches and the deluxe edition of Oblivion (all DLCs). If you don't the bonus DLC, you can use Wrye Bash's filter feature to filter out the DLCs you don't have when building a bashed patch.

This mod is already includes most of One of a Kind Weapons and so you should not use that mod if you are using this one. Same goes for Vanilla Staff Replacer.

I recommend installing with Wrye Bash and you can merge this into your bashed patch. I also recommend using PBash instead of CBash to avoid issues.

This mod is considered complete and covers virtually all unique items (as classified by the UESP) from the main game and DLCs.

Load this mod after EVE Stock Equipment Replacer.

Also grab a skeleton mod like Light compatible Skeleton to prevent stretching issues.

Also check out Unique Artifacts for Unique People.


It is compatible with OOO+OOO Extended, provided you use a bashed patch. Other overhauls should be the similar.

Other items which I won't/can't change