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  1. 14211212
    • member
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    really good mod, endorsed

    BUT, make the altars more difficult to obtain, for example put them deep within
    the ruin or/and put a difficult boss to guard the altars
  2. VR61
    • member
    • 190 posts
    • 1 kudos
    Cheat, cheat, cheat ..., a broken piece of design does not resemble a magic altar, there is no hint of a magical aura, it’s better to replace the Welkind stone with a Varla, such powerful spells harm the passage.
    1. NLynch77
      • member
      • 580 posts
      • 22 kudos
      That's a good idea. I love the mod but by only concern is that it is *far too easy* to get spells with this much power. If they are left in the open a Varla stone would increase the difficulty in getting the spells. My original thought was to bury the altar deep in the ruin and make the player fight for it.

      edit: it's not even that the spells are OP, they're quite fun and balanced overall. The enemies, be it NPC or creature, have lots of unfair advantages over us as well. It's just that there's not enough difficulty in acquiring these magyks that allow you to dominate the realm. This mod has quite the possibility for making itself into a seriously big quest, without any significant programming. Keeping Welkynd Stones as the requirement but putting the altar in the deepest room of the ruin with extra Aylied-themed defenses would be an easy way to enhance the gameplay experience of both Aylied Ruins and the content of this mod. Imagine - the altar is in the middle of one of those wall traps, and when you approach the walls shoot up and skeletons surround you. That's a bit of extra programming though. Alternatively, putting the altar in a deep room, requiring a Varla stone, and making it look really grandiose but not adding enemies would hugely increase the questing-factor, you would have to work pretty hard to find enough Varla stones to get all these secrets but I almost feel like that should have been part of the original game. Would add a long-term thrill seeing as you would be finding these dead-looking altars all over the place but not that many varla stones, but whenever you do find one you'd rush straight back to a dark ruin somewhere and power up this Aylied statue thing that gives you a wicked spell.
    2. VR61
      • member
      • 190 posts
      • 1 kudos
      Exectly, the path to the altar, which presents such opportunities, should be sufficiently thorny.
  3. ClanRanald21
    • premium
    • 108 posts
    • 1 kudos
    Yep works for me, but I think its worth pointing out that the alters are rather underwhelming and placed OUTSIDE the entrances and not buried down in the bowels of the ruin.
  4. laulajatar
    • premium
    • 883 posts
    • 122 kudos
    I really like this mod. Anything to make poking around in random places more worthwhile.
    Since Custom Spell Icons gives Finger of the Mountain a unique icon, I made some more so all of the spells can have their unique icon :D
  5. Thoregor
    • member
    • 48 posts
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    Hello, fingers of the mountain greater power always has like 1000 mana requirement, how to make it be cast for free? its a greater power, it should be cast only once a day and for free right?
  6. Greensleeve
    • member
    • 5 posts
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    I love the idea of this mod. But after going for my first power, the one in Rielle, I just can't find the altar that I'm supposed to activate. I've gone through the entire dungeon a few times, checking every possible object for anything to activate, and nothing shows up. I've even combed through the mod with the CK and I can't figure out what object to activate there either.

    So please, some help?

    EDIT: So I'm just a bit of a moron. Turns out the altar is outside the ruin, and it looks exactly like the one in Fingers of the Mountain, so it's not that hard to find. I was just looking in entirely the wrong place.
  7. FleXxRussia
    • member
    • 408 posts
    • 15 kudos
    Great mod! Wonderfull idea! I love the little expansions on the lore like this.
  8. Rikiaz
    • premium
    • 286 posts
    • 6 kudos
    These are the kinds of mods I love. Taking a cool, but underutilized, idea or aspect of the game and just building upon it. One of those mods that fits so well into the vanilla game that, if I didn't know better, I'd think it was there from the start.
  9. User_57218227
    • account closed
    • 2,713 posts
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  10. PallyMcpaladin
    • supporter
    • 97 posts
    • 11 kudos
    Damn it Guinefort you did it again ! thank you!