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An update of Lambtonworm's Unique Chapels. Requires original plugin. AWLS, RAEVWD, All Natural compatible. Patches for UOP, OCC, OCR. Various fixes.

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PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS! They are after this self-indulgent preamble.

Fairly recently I discovered Lambtonworm's Unique Chapels, a delightful retexture of each city's chapels so that they matched the local architecture. Each chapel feels more like it belongs in its city. Not only do the visuals match more closely; little details, like how Bravil's chapel has rough wood floors, or how Cheydinhal's feels especially posh, just seem to fit in a way that the generic vanilla chapels don't. It also rearranges the chapel windows and altars so the chapel's patron is actually featured in the back (like Diverse Chapels and a few other similar mods), further making cathedrals unique to their cities.

Unfortunately the original Unique Chapels mod lacked a few features that I wanted to see, namely compatibility with Animated Window and Lighting System (for lit exterior windows), Really Almost Anything Viewed When Distant (for distant view), and All Natural (for transparent interior windows). But I figured this was a fairly easy fix, so I found a version of Nifskope I could use and went about figuring out how to retexture meshes. In the process I tried to incorporate Lamptonworm's updates and iron out a few quirks. The result is Unique Chapels Revisited.


1.) You must download and install the original plugin. Under Optional Files, Download either ESP Only or Better Cities Version (if you have Better Cities, natch). Make sure to endorse his mod while you're there.
2.) Download Unique Chapels Revisited. Load into Wrye Bash and put it somewhere in your install order after any mod that replaces cathedral meshes, like the Unofficial Patch (if you're using All Natural, AWLS and/or RAEVWD, install after those mods).
3.) In Wrye Bash's Installers window, choose "00 Core" and any other options:
-Under patches, pick any patch you may need, for the Unofficial Patch, Open Cities Classic, and Open Cities Reborn. You do not need the UOP patch if you have either Open Cities mod.
-If you want All Natural, AWLS and/or RAEVWD compatibility, select those options. 
-If you want the Chapel of Talos in Bruma to be wood rather than stone, select all the options you need — after the Core, All Natural, AWLS, and RAEVWD options. (See screenshots: The wood looks a little strange using Qarl's TP but excellent using Improved Bruma).
4.) Install Unique Chapels Revisited. Sort your load order: the patches need to be loaded after the Unique Chapels esp and the esps for the mods they patch. Rebuild the bashed patch.
5.) Run TES4LODGEN to see the distant view meshes of the chapels. Distant meshes require textures from RAEVWD.


Lambtonworm already built a Better Cities compatible version of his mod, which you can download from his page. I've included patches for the Open Cities mods and for the Unofficial Patch. The latter just avoids doubling the Chapel of Dibella outside the city walls of Anvil; it isn't needed when using the Open Cities mods.

Mods that just add stuff inside the chapels should be compatible. Knights of the Nine seems to work fine, for example. There's a report of conflict between Unique Chapels and Oblivifall - Losing My Religion that I haven't investigated. Try loading Unique Chapels after Losing My Religion and see if there are any conflicts. Let me know what they are if any.

Mods that retexture towns work fine but may make the chapels look quite different from what's depicted in these screenshots. If you're using Bevilex's modlist, there are some wonderful changes: Anvil's chapel is pink, Cheydinhal's is gaudy marble, Leyawiin's is colorful wood. I basically like them all, but just be aware how things may change.


I'm aware there is some bad UV mapping on the interior floors, particularly for wood floors. I tried fixing it, but the way the rear floor mesh is designed makes it tricky to do. Until I get an idea of how to fix them, they will have to do.

Lambtonworm never did a retexture of the Chapel of Akatosh in Kvatch. I made versions for the exterior, ruined and restored. I want to investigate how the ruined versus restored interior of the chapel works in game; then I may make an interior version and figure out how to get them into the game. A patch for Kvatch Rebuilt could also be made. Finally, I'd also like to put together a chapel of Kyraneth that would be compatible with DC Sutch or ImpeREAL Sutch. All of this will mean improving my CS skills.


Lambtonworm has been amazingly cool and helpful while I've worked on this update. He not only answered my questions and gave me permission to use his assets; he put together an esp-only package of his mod with this update especially in mind. I couldn't have done this mod without his help and cooperation.

Other folks to thank:

-Arthmoor, for permission to use his _far cathedral meshes from RAEVWD.
-The AWLS team for the AWLS compatible meshes.
-The UOP team for the fixed floor meshes.