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A detailed but easy to understand user guide for Oblivion Reloaded. Also includes tips for Oblivion.ini tweaking. Downloads include my Oblivion Reloaded ini files and a template for easily installing Extreme Game Boost.

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Welcome to my Oblivion Reloaded guide and related guides! I have changed how this guide page works. You can now find an updated version of Oblivion Reloaded for Dummies under the Articles tab of this mod page. I also put my ini tweaking guide, originally incorporated into Oblivion Reloaded for Dummies, on its own article page.

The reason for this change is because I have some ideas for other guides related to modding Oblivion, for things like how to use Wrye Bash and BOSS, understanding load order and install order, understanding DistantLOD, etc. I want this page to be a repository for all these guides, with each guide being a new Article. Feel free to make suggestions for future guides.

The Downloads tab still has my ini files for Oblivion Reloaded. It may also host other files related to these future guides.

Thanks for reading!