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Removes the archaic workaround of custom races just for beards added by Waalx Animals & Creatures (WAC) in favor for Blockhead functionality.

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Yes, some of the NPCs from Waalx Animals & Creatures (WAC) already have beards. However, It's through the use of obtrusive custom races that they were able to carry out beards for NPCs.
This mod removes the archaic workaround of custom races added by WAC in favor for a much superior solution, in the same manner of how Beards in Tamriel is made; through Blockhead functionality.
Most WAC NPCs are now dependent on the vanilla races, therefore automatically compatible with any vanilla race overhaul mod (OCO, EGO, etc), and also adds for a much cleaner Race Menu.

Make sure "WAC - No Custom Races.esp" is loaded after "WAC - TCOS.esp" and "WAC - TCOS Shops.esp"


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