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For everybody who feel the Imperial palace empty, this mod is maybe the solution.
- More lore as possible and Vanilla friendly
- Better City and OOO in mind
- 4 New cells including Kitchen, Dormitories, Princes and Emperor rooms
- 35 New Npcs in total
- New dialogues and line (unused)
- A New Fence
- New trainers

Permissions and credits
The purpose of this mod is to make the Imperial Palace Alive and complete. I feel this place was very neglected by bethesda. The emperor doesn't even  have a throne. So, I want bring the imperial palace beyond a county's castle. Also, this mod was designed to be natively compatible with better cities and OOO. So, the three guards added by this mod are already balanced for OOO and there are really strongs.   

Franky, I didn't begin from scratch. This mod is  inspired by Elder council plugin from GandalftheGrey, Gorv's Imperial Palace and White Gold Tower of Googlepox. Bcause I didn't find what I want with those mods and I begin my mod.  

I recommand this texture mod ( look my three last images)

This mod was rated the third mod of the month for January 2018 ! 
video available:
What this mod do !
- Implant new npcs with immersive  behaviors ( They will sleep, eat and wandering)
- Full Elder council with 27 New NPCS  (Two places stay empty, one for the emperor and the other for the Crown Prince, one is a fence and some are trainers )
- 3 New blade Guards (For New Cells)
- 5 New servants ( Mainly in new cells)

- Complete the palace with new rooms and cells (4) 
- A throne room
- Emperor's quarters
- Prince quarters
- Servants quarters
- Councilor's quarters
- Active  unused  dialogs 
- blades guard lines in imperial palace
- nobility faction related lines)

- Alternate Start second plugin (the Throne Room) is incompatible. I only play with the first  because Kvatch rebuild isn't complete
- All Elder council mod who add NPCS  are incompatibles (Gandalf, Kvatchcount, etc)
- Mods who edit the same cell are incompatibles (Dragon caption or Giskaard ellder council  mod)
- Compatible with PS alternative start ( but the emperor don't go in his chamber or don't sit on his throne)
- Compatible  with the Main Quest  and thief Guild main Quest 

- Put th file in data folder of Oblivion
- SI Required
- Should be placed high in a big load order ( look boss)