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This adds a simple survival mechanic to cold/hot/rainy weathers.

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I was surprised that there was no weather-survival style mod after all these years, so I made a simple one for myself and decided to release it. This is designed to cater to people who do not use fast travel. It was made with stability and simplicity in mind, so this shouldn't cause slowdowns unless your computer is already struggling to run Oblivion.



- Endurance is no longer drained, so characters with low endurance will no longer die should the stat drop to zero.

- Able to seek shelter from the rain. (SEE BELOW FOR DETAILS)

- Greatly increased times before freezing.

- Added optional personality debuff when nude (SEE BELOW FOR DETAILS)

*NEW IN V1.1:

- Campfires will now keep you warm during cold weather. This feature also works with mod added fires from UL or camping mods. (SEE BELOW FOR DETAILS)

- There is a now the option to gather small branches and pieces of wood from any tree with collision, as well as stumps or (most) wood piles. This wood can be used to start a small campfire in an emergency, but must be maintained with more wood every two hours or it will go out. Collecting wood has high quality sound effects included (and maybe an animation in the future). (SEE BELOW FOR DETAILS)

- There is now a Tinderbox item added to vendors and clutter loot via script, that is required to start a fire for anyone with a destruction skill under 25. (Those with 25+ destruction can light a fire with fire magic). Each tinderbox has 5 uses. The tinderbox is added via script, so it is 100% compatible with any other mods that touch these vendors and leveled lists.

- There is now a timer to "warming up" when around a fire or inside of an interior. The "warming up" time is twice as fast as the "drain time" when in cold weather.

- If you are in the colder northern regions at night or during snowy weather, using the "wait" function while outside without being near a fire or without being fully clothed + a scarf/cloak/etc will be fatal if you have waited for too long. After waiting for 2 hours the small campfires included in this mod will be extinguished, 3 hours and you will be suffering from the "freezing" effect and loosing health, and 5+ hours will immediately kill your character, as you have frozen to death.

- Optimized some weather checks.


- Compatible with All Natural

- Cold, Hot, and Rainy weather will affect your stats and make planning for the climate important.

- Will detect cloaks, capes, and scarves from other mods.

- Designed to be extremely simple and stable.

- A message will display whenever there are any effects applied or removed, similar to how a message appears when you find a location.


V2 details:

- To seek shelter from rain, find a covering and just look directly up at it (you must be looking almost entirely vertical). This will allow you to find shelter, but due to scripting limitations you cannot move very far from the spot. It's mostly for being caught out in freezing rain at night unprepared without it being a death sentence.

- To enable the personality drain feature, open the console and type "set iNudeDebuff to 1", and your personality will be greatly drained when wearing no pants or shirt.

V1.1 Campfire details:

- In V1.1 I've added the ability to detect campfires that may be added by other mods. For the campfire to work, you MUST place your crosshair on the WOOD of the fire, and HOLD the "activate" key. Most pre-placed campfires in the vanilla game in the north will not need this, such as Aerin's camp. (In the near future I plan to add an optional version that will auto-detect all campfires in the player's cell, but for the sake of stability I have used this method in the meantime).

- To collect wood from any trees, stumps, or log piles, you again must HOLD the "activate" key while looking at the object. You will hear two distinctly different sound effects as well as a popup message depending on if you have found any usable wood or not.

- To light the campfire, you must either click on the "wood" item in the inventory under the misc. items section, or click on a tinderbox in the same section (if you have one). Using a tinderbox is required to light fires for those with a destruction skill under 25.

-The campfire must be maintained with more wood collected from the sources mentioned above, or else it will go out after 2 hours. To add more wood to the fire, simply stand close to the fire (within arm's reach), have wood in your inventory, and HOLD the "activate" key. A message will appear informing you that you have added wood to the fire, and the wood will be removed from your inventory.


- If you are in the Jerall or Valus mountain regions at night, or during snowy weather you will begin to take penalties from the cold weather when outside. If you are not wearing a shirt, pants, shoes, and a cloak, cape, or scarf you will begin to freeze to death after a period of time. This can be avoided by finding shelter until morning, or until the snowy weather passes.

- If you have a frost resistance of at least 50%, or a fire shield of at least 50%, you will be able to avoid freezing regardless of clothing.

- Being in the areas around Bravil and to the south of it during peak hours (11am-4pm) on a clear day will penalize stats due to heat. To minimize this penalty, you must unequip any headgear or cloak/cape/scarf you are wearing until the weather cools down.

- Being in an Oblivion realm will always apply the above penalty regardless of weather or time, unless you remove the same equipment as listed above. This will add an additional element of danger to Oblivion realms, and will force the player to make the decision to bear the penalty for the benefit of the armor/enchantments, or go without.

- If you have a heat resistance of at least 50%, or a frost shield of at least 50%, you will be able to minimize the heat penalties regardless of clothing.

- During rainy weather your stats will be mildly penalized if not wearing headgear, as the rain would be getting in your eyes. (I would like to add a shader for this at some point, but haven't quite worked it out yet). Wearing headgear will remove this penalty.

- If in the areas north of Bravil at night during rainy weather, you will be required to wear a shirt, pants, shoes, and cloak or headgear and cape. You will still be penalized during this time similar to being in the mountain regions, but wearing these will prevent you from freezing to death after awhile.

Recommended/Required Mods:


Capes and Cloaks

Travelers Cloaks

Hemingweys Cape

Or any other mod that adds capes, cloaks, or scarves. Without any of those, you will be unable to resist the effects of colder weathers.
This mod will detect any of them as long as they have the words "cape", "cloak", or "scarf" in the name of the item.


Simply add the .esp to your data folder and activate it. Load order will not matter as this is entirely script based.