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High-Resolution cloaks for all, now with new meshes!

Permissions and credits
Travelers' Cloaks 2.0

This is the long overdue overhaul of my Travelers' Cloaks mod, first released in 2007. While the original mod used the neck-cloth from Ghogiel's
Bonemold Armour mod, this release relies upon a resource put together by Ryu Doppler, based upon a Shivering Isles mesh (yes, SI is required for
this release).

Though Gunder still sells all of the cloaks at Colovian Traders, you can now find these items at a couple of outer fine retailers (namely Northern
Goods and Trade in Chorrol and Lelle's Quality Mercandise in Anvil. The new cloaks are available in common and expensive varieties. Common cloaks
come in single, more drab colours while expensive cloaks come in more exotic colours with two-tone varieties available.

Change Log
|2.0:|New mesh
|New UV Map
|Support for Additional merchants added
|Potential for leveled list integration added

|1.0:|First release

1c. Planned Updates
|Integration into item leveled lists
|Scripted hoods
|Extravagant and Exquisite cloaks
|Faction-based cloaks

|The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles/Game of The Year Edition

Fresh Install:
|Extract all files found under "00 Assets" to your Data folder
|Seelct an esp from "01 Plugins" and extract it to your Data folder
|Activate the esp file before running the game.

From 1.0:
|N/A (This update fundmentally changes the way in which the mod is run. You could concieveable run both 1.0 and 2.0 at
the same time without any ill effects).

Known Issues
There are some unavoidable clipping issues with certain upperbody armor meshes

Version History
-2.0- Public Release

-2.0 RC1- Developer Resource Pack Preview

-1.0- Public Release

This plugin may be uploaded to any distribution site without my permission, as long as the files contained within remain unchanged. You may modify
any of the files contained therein without contacting me (although I wouldn't mind a quick email or PM), but you must ask the original authors for
permission (unless otherwise specified) if you plan to release.

7. Contact Info
If you need to reach me, you can contact me on the ES Forums, under the name Navarris (my email is in my profile)