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Hemingwey's Capes version 3.0 integrates hundreds of unique capes, both mundane and enchanted, into your Oblivion game -- offered for sale by merchants, worn by NPCs and looted from chests.

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Hemingwey's Capes version 3.0 integrates hundreds of unique capes, both mundane and enchanted, into your Oblivion game -- offered for sale by merchants, worn by NPCs and looted from chests.



1.240 unique cape designs in all.
2.Capes that match most Vanilla Oblivion clothing and armor sets (as well as those from many popular mods).
3.Capes designed for most guilds and factions in the game and donned by their members.
4.Hundreds of NPCs, both citizens and adversaries, wear capes appropriate to their stations and affiliations.
5.8 unique traveling merchant trainers.
6.Capes for sale at 12 Vanilla Oblivion shops.
7.Numerous rare capes which can be discovered through adventuring.
8.Over 100 unique enchanted capes to loot from chests and fallen foes.
9.        Most of the original capes (from earlier versions) have been reworked and substantially improved in appearance.
10.      Highly configurable and modular options which allow you to design a build of Hemingwey's Capes including just the
           features you want.  Read the extensive README file included in the download package for details.


Lots, lots more!


1. Extract the files in the download package to a temporary location.

2. From the extracted files, copy:

a. the 'meshes' folder
b. the 'textures' folder
c. Hemingweys Capes Improved.esm, and
d. Hemingweys Capes Improved.esp

into to your (install folder)\Oblivion\Data\ directory.

3. Start Oblivion Launcher, click 'Data Files,' place a checkmark beside Hemingweys Capes Improved.esm and Hemingweys Capes Improved.esp.

4. Run Oblivion and enjoy!


NOTE1: The other folders in the top level of the download package are for installing alternate versions of Hemingwey's Capes and for installing various addons. You don't need any of the .esp files or materials contained in those other folders for a BASIC install of Hemingwey’s Capes.

NOTE2: The above instructions are for basic installs; however, it is recommended you use Wrye Bash and BOSS when installing this mod (particularly if you are using alot of other mods). See the advanced installation section in the extensive README file (which is included in the download package) for details concerning the many custom install options available.

NOTE3: Hemingwey's Capes 3.0 IS NOT COMPATIBLE with prior versions of Hemingwey's Capes. Please see the section in the included README file on upgrading to learn how to work around this issue in an existing save game.

NOTE4: The compatibility versions for FCOM and OOO require you to have installed the versions of such mods that were current as of December 14, 2010. The Hemingwey's Capes version 3.0 FCOM and OOO compatibilty files might work with some earlier or later versions of OOO and/or FCOM, but it is more likely that using older or newer versions of FCOM or OOO along with the Hemingwey’s Capes compatibility files will cause your game to crash or not load.  You can still run the non-compatibilty versions of Hemingwey’s Capes with FCOM/OOO—you merely won’t get integration between these mods.

Hemingwey's Capes is generally compatible with most other mods, but may conflict with mods that modify the same NPCs (and, please note, Hemingwey's Capes touches hundreds of Vanilla Oblivion NPCs). Most such conflicts can be resolved through proper load order and the use of Wrye Bash.

Thanks to Someone1074 for creating the original Capes and Cloaks mesh I used for the capes in Hemingwey's Capes. Essentially, Hemingwey's Capes applies a variety of new and original normal maps and textures of my own making to the Capes and Cloaks cape mesh.

Special thanks to Corepc for his support, help and advice concerning constructing compatibility patches/versions for OOO, FCOM and MMM, as well as his work to integrate Hemingwey's Capes into MMM's forthcoming update/release.

Thanks to Kafeid for creating some beautiful robe textures, portions of which I borrowed and modified to create several of Hemingwey's Capes.

Thanks to Painkiller_Rider for creating the Lord's Mail texture, portions of which I borrowed and modified in order to create the Lord's Cape in this mod.

Thanks to LHammonds and alphaprime_01 for the Medieval Shields mod. I used and modified several of the meshes and textures from Medieval Shields to create shields which appear in Hemingwey's Capes.

Thanks to various players/modders who have made suggestions for new capes and cheered me on as I developed version 3.0. In particular, thank you to the 'original fan' of my humble mod, Magirock, as well as Johnn123 and Anithinks, who have both consistently responded with enthusiasm to my posts and progress reports on the Official Oblivion forums. Really, thanks guys!

Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion.

Thanks to TESNexus.com for hosting this mod.

Bethesda Softworks retains all rights to any original content, concepts, and ideas taken and altered from Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. All original textures and assets belong to me and may be used ONLY with my express permission. If and when permission is received, credit must be given for my work in all distribution materials.

This mod should not be rehosted anywhere without my permission. Please do not redistribute this mod without my permission.

If you wish to make use of some of my capes (or textures) in your own mod, I request that before (re)distributing or incorporating in other mods any portion of this mod (textures, designs, etc.) you (1) contact me before distribution and (2) let me know what use is being made thereof (permission to use will likely be freely given) and (3) credit me in your readme and distribution materials.