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Messer Weapons by TJvinny are now available from several vendors across the lands, with optional enchanted and fine versions, and may be dynamically added to a number of NPCs. The first in the Armoury Module series by Myrystyr.

Permissions and credits
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Mod Name: GrosseMesser New Stock
Series: Armoury Module
Number: 1
Author: Myrystyr
Original Author: TJVinny
Date: 07/06/2017
Categories: Weapons
Requirements: None

Hello, and welcome to this mod.
After a customer at A Fighting Chance tried out a shipment of weapons, word got around. Rohssan had to order in extra, to meet the demand, and the new line of Messer weapons became popular. It wasn't long before other smiths and traders wanted a piece of the action. And then a few wizards started enchanting the new line of weapons.

The original mod's description is included for reference purposes, as is a copy of the quest script.
For images and further information, please see the original mod here:

This mod was created using the latest version of the Construction Set, and playtested with The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion 5th Anniversary Edition. Although Shivering Isles and Knights Of The Nine were installed at the time, they are not necessary for use of this mod. Similarly, while OBSE was installed it was not used during play. Nor was any other utility, e.g. Wrye Bash, installed or used.

This is the first in the series of armoury modules. As with the clothing building block series, I am planning on merging selected weapon and armour mods into a shop sometime in the foreseeable future. If you have any suggestions for weapons and armour you'd like to see all available in the one place, now's a good time to place your pre-orders.

Thank you for reading and downloading. Enjoy this mod, and happy gaming.

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