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Updates AV Storyteller's Belda Elysium v.1.5 mod, with new Morrowind book jackets, many typographical corrections, and quest-related access to the manor. Includes compatibility patches for "Let There Be Darkness" and "Legion-occupied Forts".

Permissions and credits
BELDA ELYSIUM REVISITED – A mod by zymurgy65

This is essentially AV Storyteller's Belda Elysium v.1.5 mod, with a number of new features added by me. It replaces only the original .esp file and the Morrowind book jackets, so to use it you must download the full mod (available at www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/47300).

This mod is largely the result of my Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. It all started when I noticed the tinder box/candle snuffer on the ground floor didn't work. Once I got that particular bee in my bonnet, I decided to give Belda Elysium a bit of a makeover. Many of the more recent changes are a result of exhaustive play testing. Please note, some of these changes may not appear until you start a new campaign.

Above all, remember this is an .esp REPLACER – don't use the original file too, or strange things will happen!

Access to the manor is now quest-dependent. Rather than having the front door key literally handed to you on a silver platter, you must first escort Martin to Cloud Ruler Temple. Jauffre's invitation to join the Blades will trigger a short quest to find the manor; you'll receive a letter from Raimyr El'Eluril, a map marker, and a key to the manor. Reaching Cloud Ruler Temple provides a natural pause in the Main Quest, so this seemed the logical place to do it.

Myrisi'l and Sylvian-Lir have also been disabled until this point, so you won't be able to cadge a spare set of keys from the latter. Of course, you could just unlock the front door using the console, but if you're going to cheat to that extent this mod probably isn't for you. The canvas on the easel at the rear of the manor won't appear until Myrisi'l is enabled, and will disappear should she die.

You must activate this mod BEFORE Jauffre invites you to join the Blades, or you won't receive the items mentioned above. Worse still, Myrisi'l and Sylvian-Lir will never appear, breaking the Elysium quest line and denying you both their services and the pleasure of their company.

Why go to all this trouble? Firstly, the manor has been made ready for the 'Saviour of Tamriel', so it seems only fair for the player to go out and do a bit of saving first. Secondly, I use PrinceShroob's Main Quest Delayer, and making access dependent on having reached a certain stage in the Main Quest avoids having conversations about the Emperor's death when you know full well he's still alive.

There is now a map marker allowing fast travel directly to the stables, and the shovels in the rack have been replaced with static models to keep them from being displaced by your sudden arrival. Inside the manor, the tinder box/candle snuffer on the desk has the correct script and works properly. The arrows on the cabinet near the front door have been removed, and the Ayleid chests used as arrow containers are explicitly labelled as such.

The Morrowind books now have jackets largely derived from Lady Nerevar's modder's resource, and there is much more variance in their value. Any Skill Book titles among them now function as such, as well as having the correct Oblivion jackets and icons (except for two that are part of a matched set). Since a number of these books are smaller than before they may be floating a little way above the shelves at first, which is easily fixed using the Z key.

The candles on the War Room desk are now unlit when you first enter the manor, and the spare keys in the basement have been deleted. Most items in the Vault and War Room display cases have been replaced with static models, so it's now safe to save the game while in the North Basement. Soul gems, potions, and arrows have been left alone. Several Ayleid casks have been added to the Vault, and the set of books on the Vault shelves has been relocated to the upstairs drinks room-cum-office. All Ayleid containers now have the correct open/close sounds.

Myrisi'l and Sylvian-Lir have been given rather different appearances. I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I think you'll like my changes. If not, there are now alternative .esp files which restore their original appearances.

Sylvian-Lir has been given an additional conversation topic, which will appear when the player has completed the quest for Azura's Star. Her 'Ascensyon Initiate' dialogue has been linked to her own Respect tokens, rather than Myrisi'l's. In addition, both sisters (and Emelia Duronia) are now able to refer the player to the relevant Master trainers.

All quest updates, subtitles, and documents associated with the Belda Elysium quests have been checked for spelling, punctuation, spacing, and general fluency. English spellings have been left intact, as I'm English myself. Should you find any errors that I missed, please let me know so that I can go and bang my head against a wall. Seriously, this was by far the most labour-intensive part of the mod, and I came close to giving up on more than one occasion.

SPOILER ALERT! (If you don't want to see these, scroll down to the next section.)
The Telvanni chestnut mare has been disabled until the player begins EQ01, “Shadows Over Elysium”. She has also been moved from the Elven Gardens District to the Chestnut Handy Stables, and will trigger a new quest update should you find her before visiting the King and Queen Tavern. She's no longer player-owned, but this is easily changed using the CS if you want a superior chestnut horse free of charge.

Flame Sentries' resistances have been modified slightly, as they previously had both frost resistance and weakness to frost, which largely cancelled each other out. The unique wraiths added by this mod have been made tougher, having the same Health as their generic equivalents. Void Spectres have the resistances of Storm Atronachs rather than Frost Atronachs, losing their weakness to fire and gaining 100% resistance to shock. They will also drop Void Salts instead of Frost Salts. The Guardian Spectre aboard the 'Spirit of Tel Fyr' will no longer drown, has been armed with an elven shortsword, and will not waste magicka attempting to cast ranged spells.

The Telvanni necromancers have been re-armed exclusively with Elven weapons – bearing in mind House Telvanni's isolationism and sense of racial superiority, this makes sense. They have also been given middle-class footwear, with upper-class shoes for the leaders. The amount of gold carried by individuals has been reduced, along with the value of their robes. The Sorcerers' gloves have inventory icons taken from Miltiades' “Mannimarco Revisited” mod.

A script attached to the fake Custodian Guards relabels them Great Mistress' Infiltrators when they attack the player. Another script ensures EQ02 Stage 110 triggers correctly. The Stage 130 update appears after entering the Sanctum, rather than before. The sleeping version of Myrisi'l encountered in the Trial of Wisdom is now actually alive, with a script attached to prevent her being woken. The “Leap of Faith” quest update is triggered by reading the Ascensyon History, rather than just being near it, and the Stage 180 update by leaving Belda, rather than nearing the exit.

El'Eluril now remains bareheaded during the Ascensyon Trials, as there was no reason for him to wear his helmet in Crucible and I found talking to that blank face mask rather annoying. He will, however, equip the helmet should you attack him. I've also used TES4Edit to give a wider range of facial expressions to both El'Eluril and the Necromancer Magus during the initial Trials, as well as Tux Solis on board the 'Storm Crow'

Hemis Jecks has been deleted, since Anvil already has a harbourmaster in the substantial form of Newheim the Portly. The player will now be directed to question Newheim, who remains essential until you have spoken to him about the 'Spirit of Tel Fyr'. During the Trials and sea voyage, the date will advance to match dialogue and journal entries. Both Tux Solis and G'Xagyg will lose their essential tags once EQ02 is completed, and will return to the Count's Arms to do some serious drinking instead of standing around on the quayside indefinitely.

The “Dressed to the Nines” side quest has been fixed so that the Player no longer has to commit burglary and theft to recover Sylvian-Lir's belongings, and Emelia Duronia is no longer tagged as essential.

Please note, soul gems used to restore the lives of Chemie or the sisters must be PRE-FILLED; a soul gem you filled yourself won't work, since it still uses the ID Ref of an empty gem.

Belda Elysium v.1.5.
OBSE – Elys – Universal Silent Voice. This will ensure dialogue subtitles stay on-screen long enough to read.

Unpack and copy the Meshes/Textures folders and the .esp file of your choice to your Oblivion directory, then check the .esp in OBMM. There are two .esp files included; the default file uses the original Illumination Within lighting for the manor's exterior, while that in the AWLS folder is for use with the Animated Window Lighting System. Both files are based on the fixed interior lighting version of the original mod.

This mod features several new 'dungeon' cells, and an optional folder contains alternative .esp files for those who use LprMan's “Let There Be Darkness” mod, with ambient lighting and fog in the new cells reduced to zero.

Any mod that alters Fort Chalman (e.g. Guinefort1's “Legion-occupied Forts”), the area around Belda, or the basement of the Imperial Palace is likely to cause conflicts, though tests have shown Marob 307's “Palace Improvement” mod is compatible. I've included replacement .esp files for Guinefort1's mod, deleting its changes to Fort Chalman. To use these you must download the full mod (available at www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/47572).

Morrowind book jackets created using Lady Nerevar's modders' resource.
Glove icons from “Mannimarco Revisited” used with Miltiades' permission.
Modified “Legion-occupied Forts” files used with Guinefort1's permission.
Thanks to Ilde for suggesting how to avoid a clash with dreamed1's “Time Enough at Last” mod.
A huge thank-you to AV Storyteller/Gothic for resurrecting an old favourite, and for letting me mess around with it.

The exterior view demonstrates the Animated Window Lighting System. The Ayleid chests use BastetGoauld's meshes and textures (available at www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/46929). I can't recommend these highly enough, as they are works of real beauty.

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If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to contact me via the Nexus.