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This mod add a 3 level manor house, with basements, balconies, stables and
landscaped grounds next to the Belda Ayleid ruins in the Heartlands region
of Tamriel.
Includes: 2 Female Dunmer Servants (Sisters), a pet cat, and Boney - the Alchemy-Sorter skull.
Quests: 2 Part Main Quest Line. 2 Romance Quests and other mini Q

Permissions and credits

    Belda Elysium Manor House
    version 1.5
    By: AVStoryteller (aka: 'gothic' on the Nexus)

Feedback / Contact me:  [email protected]
#### Does NOT Require Shivering Isle  ####


0.    Gaining Access to Belda Elysium Manor
1.    Introduction
2.    Installation & Upgrade / Uninstall Instructions
3.    Summary and Features
4.    Version History
5.    Technical

0. Gaining Access to Belda Elysium Manor
There is a Key on a Silver Platter, to the left of the Front Door.

You can also speak to Myrisi'l or Sylvian-Lir to get a Key: They often wander outside, in the Grounds of the Manor.
They Do NOT wander outside the Manor Grounds, so you do Not have to go search all over Tamriel for them.

1. Introduction

This mod add a 3 level manor house, with a basement, balconies, stables and landscaped grounds next to the Belda Ayleid ruins in the Heartlands region of Tamriel.
It also includes two servants, a pet cat and Boney, the Alchemy-Sorter skull, (see below for full details) and several Quests.

The KEY to the Manor can be found on a Silver Platter to the left of the Front Door.
AND/OR you can get a Key from either Servant Sylvian-Lir or Myrisi'l if you see them wandering in the Grounds of the Manor.

ALL containers are safe to store personal items, they do not respawn.

V1.5 Continues the Quest 'Shadows Over Elysium' that was started in v1.4.  This second installment is called: 'Path  of Ascensyon'.  In addition to this main quests are two sub-quest that are introduced as the player progresses.  These sub-quests are related specifically to the Sisters/Servants, Myrisi'l and Sylvian-Lir, and once completed will allow the player to dedicate what outfits each sister will wear.  The Romance between the player and the sisters are also continued throughout v1.5

V1.4 Also Includes a Quest:  'Shadows Over Elysium', the Player can undertake.  
The Quest directly relates to the house and all who live there, but is Not a Quest to get the house.  That is given freely to he player and explained why in the Dialogue & Scrolls about the manor.  

(See 4. Version History, to quickly see what has been added to version 1.4)



  # # NB:  This  "Shadows Overs Elysium" Music Video Contains MAJOR SPOILERS to the 1st Quest  # #
I would strongly recommend you watch it AFTER completing the 1st Quest
The Adventures of Raimyr and Boney Continue in my Skyrim Let's Play!

Wach the new Season: Part 3 Episode 78 - Ascensyon: In the Beginning!


To find the House:

(view the map screenshot included with the Belda Elysium.esp file) If you have already found the Ayleid Ruin "BELDA" (north east of the Imperial City) then simply Fast Travel there, you can't miss the Manor House.

Otherwise: Starting from the sewer exit you started the game at, Cross the water in front of you (north east) that leads to the Ayleid ruin "Vilverin",   Keep Vilverin on your right and the shore line on your left and head about 30 meters past it to the Imperial "Rod Ring Road".  Here you should see a set on white marble stone steps heading up a steep hillside.  Follow this path East up the hill and it will lead you directly to Belda Elysium.

*** I am happy for others to include Belda Elysium (or parts of it) in their own Mods but I would greatly appreciate full Credits for my Work. An email about what you are working on would be nice too, but not mandatory.***

2. Installation / Uninstall Instructions
NOTE: You can chose between the New 'Natural Lighting', or the Traditional 'Fixed Lighting' method.  See the Optional File in the FILES Section

~~~ BRAND NEW INSTALL -  Installation when you do not have a pervious version installed:

Install with NMM (recommended)
1)  Download with Nexus Mod Manager (NMM)
2)  Double Click to Activate

MANUAL Install

1)    Unzip the Belda Elysium.rar into your Oblivion/Data folder.
(e.g.  C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data ).
 2)    Enable "Belda Elysium.esp" in Oblivion's Data Files menu selection.

~~~ UPGRADING from a pervious version:

1)    A WORD OF CAUTION:- Items will -normally- be safe inside the house with this update method, but you may want to err on the side of caution and remove all personal belongings from Belda Elysium (inc. stables); otherwise they maybe overwritten and lost.

2)    Move to another area well out of sight of BeldaElysium and the hillside-path up to it, ideally an interior cell, and SAVE your game.

3)    Unzip the Belda Elysium.rar into your Oblivion/Data folder.
(e.g.  C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data ).

4)  Go into your Data folder and find two folders called, (inside each you will find a file called

    - BeldaElysium_Fixed-Lighting Enable ONE only
    - BeldaElysium_Natural-Lighting Enable ONE only

5)    Remove your choice of BeldaElysium.esp file from its unzipped folder and place it in the C:

\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data folder.
6)    Enable your choice of "Belda Elysium.esp" in Oblivion's Data Files menu selection.


        EXAMPLE: for the meshes:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data\meshes

        EXAMPLE: for the textures:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data\Textures


        EXAMPLE: for sounds :\Program Files\Bethesda Software\Oblivion\Data\Sound\fx


        EXAMPLE: for voice :\Program Files\Bethesda Software\Oblivion\Data\Sound\Voice


(see Technical for more details)

~~~ Uninstall:

Simply delete the Belda Elysium.esp file from your Data Folder.  Delete the BeldaElysium Folder in FX and Voice.  



3. Summary and Features
(See Also:  "4. Version History" and "5. Technical" Sections)

### QUESTS ###

Please see the seperate read me file (BeldaElysium-x.x_Quests.txt) for details about how to start

the Quest and also a full Walk-Through.

v1.5+    Main Quest continues:  'Path of Ascensyon'  
    Romance Quests continue.
        NB: the romance quests are hidden and does not appear on the Quest Journal.

v1.4+    Main Quest: 'Shadow Over Elysium'
    Myrisi'l Romance (inc. mini-quests)
    Sylvian-Lir Romance (inc. mini-quests)
        NB: the romance quests are hidden and does not appear on the Quest Journal.

### OUTSIDE ###

- "Illumination Within" Window Lights: (Does NOT require the official 'Illumination Within' plug-in MOD to work).  Placed on each window of Belda Elysium.

"This lights up the house windows in the evening and during dark stormy weather; and turns them off again in the morning. The "glow" of the windows are new meshes (and Lights) overlaid on top of the original window pane, and scripts control when they turn on/off. Night-time with this mod running makes for a totally different gameplay experience."

- Large Ayleid Water Fountain; lit up by four Aylied Crystal Lights.  The player can turn on and off the water and lights at will.
- Archery Targets in backgarden.  Also used by Servant Myrisi'l.
- A dirt path winds its way up the hillside to the Manor House, from the
Imperial road opposite the  prison sewer exit. (game start: across the river infront of the Ayleid ruins)
- Beautifully designed walled Garden and Grounds built into the side of the Belda Ayleid Ruins.
- Separate walled-in stables
- Top Floor Balcony over looking Lake Rumare and the Imperial City
- Rear Ground Level Balcony viewing the eastern valley and waterfalls below.
- Small fruit & vegetable garden at back of the house.

### INSIDE ###

New to v1.4:  Natural Lighting:  The ambient lighting in the above ground room slowly change as the sun rises and sets.  The basement has fixed ambient lighting.
(Players can choose to install Fixed Lighting  esp-version if they prefer).

I wanted to concentrate on lighting to improve the atmosphere of each area.  
The Main Rooms are brightly lit, whereas the Bedroom and Basement are
suitably darker.  I wanted to make the Main rooms bright and airy; to
welcome you home, whereas for the bedroom I created dimmer lights getting
you in the mood to retire to bed.

I have spent a large amount of time to ensure that you do NOT need
to carry a torch around your own house. I felt that many buildings in
Oblivion were lit too darkly. There's creating atmosphere, and then there's
realism.  You should not have to carry a torch into the shop/tavern to see
the proprietor clearly!

There are "In-character" Scrolls about the house that walks the character
through the importance contents of each room.


There are two Servants, experienced adventurers, that have volunteered to act as tutors/advisers/servants for the player.  They are Dunmer Sisters, named Myrisi'l and Sylvian-Lir.  This is all explained in their dialogue and "El'Eluril 2nd letter" which you'll find on the cabinet in the MainRooms - Lower.  They can be found wandering inside & outside Elysium.  A pet black cat "Chemie", belonging to Myrisi'l can also be found wandering the bedroom and alchemy room upstairs.

You will not get all their dialogue at the start, some require time and others charm.

New to V1.4.  Introduced Affection/Respect Tokens that the player can earn via their actons and dialogue options, from the Sister and Boney, respectively.  Without which, gifts and/or further romance dialogue options will not come availble to the player, (this will be expanding further in the next update).
    ~  Myrisi'l:  Battle-Mage, will act as Elysium's Guard. She will ensure that the house in protected during the day and patrols the grounds at night.  She will also Recharge Magical items and Tutor the player in Illusionary Magicka.

    ~  Sylvian-Lir:  Cleric of Azura.  She takes responsibility for the daily running of the house, gardening, cooking and maintaining the stables.   She can tutor you in Restoration Magicka and repair any damage weapons and armour.

###  NB. New to V1.40+:  Due to the importance of the Sisters in the Quest I have released (and further quests I plan to release later), I have made the Sister 'Essential' so they cannot die.  Once the Quest arch has been completed then I will revert them to the normal death procedure below

SERVANT's DEATH / Normal Death Procedure:  
### NB.  V1.50:  the sisters are 'Essential' by Default ####

The Sister Myrisi'l and Sylvian-Lir can be made Non-Essential by either:

A)  Console Command (if you fancy the Challenge) /  setessential <ID> 0 to mark as non essential.
B) Completing the Main Quest.  (NB: Main Quest Conclusion Part 3: HODF - has not yet been released!),

Once Non- Essential (meaning they CAN die) and they have take sufficient damage they  will fall into a critically injured state.  However, they can also be revived from this critial injured state.  To do so the player must use a Full GRAND soul Gem.  By releasing the power of the gem they will be resurrected. The player can of course choose NOT to resurrect them.  Should the worse happen and the player is unable (or unwilling) to resurrect them, their bodies will be buried at the back of the BELDA ruin.  A crypt and head stone will be erected to mark their final resting place. Any belongings on the deceased will be transferred automatically to the player. The remaining servant will react to her sisters death!  Her disposition towards the player will be severely reduced: you are the Hero after all and are expected to stop this sort of thing from happening. However, there are other ways the player can make amends.

    ~  Chemie.  A black tabby cat.  More than a mere pet.  Actually a magical entity, owned & created by Myrisi'l.   Simply stroking Chemie can bring the player goodluck (Fortify Luck +5/300seconds); Should Chemie be injured, she can be healed my feeding her crab-meat: Chemie will show her appreciation of this treat by temporarily improving the person Magicka (Fortify Magicka 50/300seconds).  Finally should Chemie be killed she can be brought back to life!  The player must have on his possession a PETTY SOUL GEM filled with a PETTY Soul, (anything else is unsuitable for the ritual and cannot be used. e.g. You CANNOT use a Common Soul Gem filled with a PETTY soul).

New to V1.5:     'Chemie' now has a cat-bed on all three levels of the main house.  And the player can also instruct Chemie which floor he/she wants Chemie to prowl on.

- 3 levels above Ground and two Basements.


    - Main Room - Lower:
        ~  Complete library set of Morrowind Books
        ~  Stages to display mannequins
    - Main Room - Central:
        ~  Lounge / dinning area
        ~  Large selection of Display cases
        ~  separate smaller display room, business bureau and drinks counter.
        ~  Complete library set on non Quest Oblivion books, (including Skill Books)

    - Bedroom(Top floor):
        ~  Four-poster Canopy bed
        ~  Four wardrobes, separating clothing into Business; Robes; Spring/Summer; Autumn/Winter
        ~  En-suite bathroom
        ~  Double doors to South-West facing Balcony.

    - Bathroom (Top Floor):
        ~  Usable bath: players can sit in the bath for a good long soak, and gain the following Temporary benefits: Fortifies +10 Personality (cleansed), Restores +50 Health (cleans Wounds), Fortifies +50 Fatigue (relaxed/refreshed).  To use it, click on the wooden triangle at the head of the bath to get it. Soak as long as you want then press Activate anywhere to bring up the pop up box (Bathe / Cancel),after selecting your option,  press activate anywhere again to get out.

        ~ Perfume and Cologne bottles, that can be used by the player: correctly
using the right smellies adds a Temporary bonus of +10 Speechcraft & +10 Mercantile.
Using the wrong smelly for your gender gives a Temporary drain -10 Personality.

    - Alchemy Room (Top Floor):
        ~  Alchemy Sorter script attached to "Boney",  (skull on counter top)
        ~  Neat and compact set of Alchemy Containers packed into two Wall-Shelves set into the wall.
        ~  Book: "The Alchemists Reference".  Complete listing of ingredients locations and potion combinations. Can be added to the players inventory.
        ~  Book: "Alchemical Experimentation by Seryne Relas",  A heavy tome that when activated will Temporarily increase the Player's Alchemy Skill by +10. Must be used within the Alchemy room.

    - Top Floor Balcony:
        ~  Fantastic view of the Heartlands and the Imperial City.


    * The Hall and each room has Ceiling Lights made from Welkynd Stone Clusters, which the player can turn on/off at will.

    - Hall:
~  Interior WaterFountains in the hallway which the player can turn off and on at will.

    - Magus Room:
        ~  Spell Making and Enchanting Equipment (Crystal-Balls instead of the usual Altars).

    - Servant's Quarters:
        ~  Middle class furnished quarters.  

    - Kitchen:
        ~  Amply supplied Fruit & Vegetable Barrels, Wine rack and Cold Meat Storage.  Resupplies can be taken from the Back-Garden

The Hall and each room has ceiling Lights made from Welkynd Stone clusters, which the player can turn on/off at will.

    - Hall:
~  Interior Statue water fountain in the hallway which the player can turn off and on at will.<br
    - Guest Quarters:
~  High Class Furniture and new Glass Cabinets to store personal items.

    - Guest Bathroom:
~  Large Spacious bathroom, and a little extra for the artistic types.

    - Vault:
~  Plenty of shelves and cabinets to display your most valuable items.  Securely held behind an enchanted lockable gate.

    - War Room:
~  A room dedicated to the planning of your war-effort against the hordes of Oblivion.  

4. Version History

5.  Technical

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