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Been wanting to control Oblivion's UI with your Xbox controller? Well, now you can! Not just another controller emulation profile, this mod is an actual adjustment to the game menus' xml files and allows the controller to navigate the UI much the same way as the Xbox 360 version. Also helpful for PC users!

Permissions and credits
Updates - 8/2/2017

I'm using this very mod on my current playthrough with a Steam Controller. And it works GREAT. I'm actually pretty surprised how much better it behaves compared to an Xbox One Elite controller and PGP. That being said, you can also find my own personal UICO styled Steam Controller Configuration available through the Steam Community. No doubt its not very popular so you may have to search for it but...its definitely there! I think it feels really intuitive but as always, tweak it to make Oblivion right for you!

UI Controls for Oblivion

Ever wondered why the controller support for Oblivion was never really ported to the PC? Me too! I made this to help make the navigation and control of Oblivion's user interfaces with a controller a lot more intuitive and similar to how Oblivion runs on the Xbox 360 version. Luckily, some of the navigational features can also be useful for PC users if you are comfortable reaching for the arrow keys on the keyboard or have the arrow keys mapped to macro keys on your keyboard/gamepad/mouse.

This mod is centered around navigation of the UI and doesn't touch any of the gameplay side of controller interaction, that means no adjustments to key mappings or performance for running, walking, attacking, etc. As of version 3.x.x+, these navigational keys will work with Vanilla UI, DarN's base UI, and gothic251's DarkDarNUI. It is also compatible with the HUD Status Bars Mod (I use it myself) and any mods that modify the HUD rather than navigational UI.
The ideal for this mod is that if you stopped reading at the end of this sentence you'd still be able to figure out how to install and use this mod.


  • Wrye Bash - Used for BAIN package installer and wizard text. If you know how to manually install BAIN packages, you wouldn't necessarily need WB. But seriously, you're going to want a mod manager to handle reassembling UI files that may be deleted when this mod or DarN UI's are uninstalled!
  • DarN/Dark DarN - install these first before using this mod if you don't want to use the vanilla UI. As an alternative to downloading either of these, a new UI All In One Installer can be found in this mod's Optional Files section. Instructions on installing it can be found here


  • No more editing INI's
  • Stop fighting UI and make Oblivion beautiful again...(?)
  • Do UI right and avoid all those annoying UI glitches like huge fonts, scrolling out of the inventory, crashes on startup, etc.


    1. Regenerate your Oblivion.ini by deleting it from %USERPROFILE%/Documents/My Games/Oblivion/Oblivion.ini and then launching the Oblivion Launcher to have it recreate the Oblivion.ini for you.
    2. Adjust the Launcher settings to your preference afterwards.
    3. Install desired primary UI you will be using (base DarN UI, dark DarN UI, or keep it vaniller).
    3.a. See my guide on installing both DarN and Dark DarN UI configurations on my GitHub wiki
    3.b. Get the All In One Installer file in the Optional Files on this mod's File's tab!
    4. Download UICO
    5. Drop the archive in Wrye Bash's Installers tab if you're not installing this manually.

    6. As of v3.1.0, the mod uses the BAIN package system and is best installed with Wrye Bash.
    6.a. Switch to Wrye Bash's Installers tab to complete the install.
    6.b. Manual installation is trivial thanks to BAIN simple package system
    6.b.i This is highly NOT RECOMMENDED given the nature of how often UI files overwrite each other.
    If you really like GUI installs, this mod included Wizard in Wrye Bash to walk you through the setup!
    6.d. Otherwise, select the packages from the sub-packages list that are relevant to your configuration
    6.e. Then select the Install context option from this mod in the Wrye Bash Installers tab.

Simplicity, itself! 
Make sure the UICO archive in the Wrye Bash Installer tab is under DarN UI or Dark DarN - or, if you've used my All In One UI Installer, make sure UICO.zip sits under UI_AIO.zip. The background color of the UI_AIO.zip box should be yellow because it is having files overwritten by UICO.zip below it! There are no plugin files or bsa archives to activate!


- Download file
- Move the downloaded archive into Wrye Bash's Installers tab - it will automatically overwrite the archive for you


- Uninstall UICO by using the Uninstall context option in the Wrye Bash Installer tab for UICO


  • Incompatible with anything that modifies most of the stock UI xml's - for a full list of what xml files will be incompatible, see the GitHub page
  • Compatible with the HUD Status Bars mod - I use it myself. Note that HUD Status Bars is a HUD mod, not an interactive menu, so there would be no incompatibility!

Guide to Setting Up and Using

I've moved the guide for how to set up and use this mod over to the GitHub page here because it is too much effort to keep a bunch of pages updated with the right information. Please at least glance over it to make sure you are aware of the expected performance and behavior of the various menus. Also included on the GitHub wiki is a more in depth guide on installing Oblivion UI manually, including this mod, DarN UI and Gothic 251's Dark DarN!