Cyrodiil Rebuild II - English Version by Acros - translated by Vorians
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Cyrodiil Rebuild II: Imperial Capital - English Version
Requirements: Shivering Isles and Oblivion Patch Resources from original Russian version of Cyrodiil Rebuild II
Language: English
Developer: Acros, Vikart, css, EuGENIUS, Almazi.
Website: andoran.com
English Translation: Vorians

This is quite simply the Russian mod Cyrodiil Rebuild II: Imperial Capital translated into English. You must still download the Russian version for all of the resources, but use this ESP instead of the original.

Textures with Russian writing (sign posts) will still show Russian writing in the image, but all other text is now in English.
I have also:
* Cleaned the ESP using TES4Edit v3.0.32
* Restored the deleted entrance to Sinkhole Cave
* Restored the deleted entrance to Fort Black Boot
* Restored and disabled all persistent vanilla objects to their original location and replaced with duplicates in the new locations (otherwise game-saves will leave some in the wrong location)
* Reverted the Palace Basement to its vanilla appearance to avoid conflicting with other mods which edit the Palace Basement, moving the new Palace Crypt to a level below the basement

Incompatible Mods:
Better Cities – Imperial City (except Arcane University, Green Emperor Way and Waterfront)