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You will now need to eat, drink and sleep everyday or else your attributes will get drained. You can eat, drink, sleep anytime in the day but along you meet up with the needs before the next day your attributes won't drain. You will need to eat 5 food items a day. Soups and Stews will count as two food items. You can eat 1 food item at breakfast 2 at lunch, and 2 at supper. You need to drink 3 drinks a day. You can have a drink at breakfast, lunch, and supper. You need to sleep for 8 hours. You can sleep from 10pm to 6am if you wish. You can also drink skooma and chew tobacco and gain an addiction which makes you crave 1 bottle of skooma or a piece of tobacco every day and attributes will drain if you don't meet your addiction. If you want to make a mod that uses Needs download the Modding Guide to help understand how my files work. And if you play Morrowind also look at my Morrowind Needs.

There is a mod that requires Marriage that will add more meals that your spouse can serve. It is recommended for when using the Needs and Marriage mod. You can download it here.

Shivering Isles (Needs Shivering Isles)
OBSE v0017 or newer
Better Mining
Jobs Shivering Isles (Needs Shivering Isles)

To install just download then extract folder and drag plugin, master and bsa into your data folder.