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These mods will now allow you to do new tasks and have jobs.

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These mods will now allow you to do new tasks and have jobs. You can be a employee and get paid for your tasks. You will start off with 5 septims per task (Most tasks are an hour). After you complete a 100 tasks you will get promoted and get 5 more septims added to your pay. There are 5 promotions. You start off as a Novice (5 septims per task), Then go to Apprentice (10 septims per task), Journeyman (15 septims per task), Expert (20 septims per task), and Master (25 septims per task) is the top promotion. There is also Certifications which means you can be a Journeyman in a job in one location but only a Novice in another location. Majority of places are under the same certification but the Shivering Isles will have its own certification. You can have any of the jobs below.

If you want to make a mod that uses Jobs download the Modding Guide to help understand how my files work.

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You can now go to Alchemist and get alchemy jobs. You get ingredients from your boss and they will tell you what potion to make. Then you go to the Job Alchemy Apparatuses workspot that is ontop tables or counters and make the potions and give them to your boss for pay.

Chop Wood

You can now chop wood at a Wood Chopping Block at most stables. You get an Woodcutter's Axe from your boss the stables worker. Then you go to the Wood Chopping Block and chop up to 20 log then give to your boss for pay.


You can now be a chef at inns. Talk to the innkeepers and they will give you ingredients and tell you what to cook. Then go to the cooking pot and cook the meals and give it to the innkeeper for pay.


You can now farm and harvest crops from fields. Talk to farmers to get the job. Just get the job from the farmer and just pick the crops from the field and return them to the farmer. To find farms ask around in cities if there are any farms around and people will add map markers of farms that are nearby.


You can now mine gold or silver nuggets. Listen for the latest rumors in cities for any mining jobs. Once you find a mine that offers mining jobs ask around in the mine for the mine owner and talk to the mine owner for a job. Once you have a job you will get a pickaxe and you can mine gold and silver nuggets and give them to your boss for pay.


You can now smelt Gold or Silver into ignots. You can get the jobs at smiths. Once you got a job from the smith get some gold or silver nuggets and go outside to the smelter and make some ignots and return them to your boss for pay.


You can now forge weapons, armor, jewelry, and tools at forges and repair weapons and armor as a job. Talk to smiths for the job. Every smiths offer repair jobs but not all offer a forge job. In the forge job you need to get material from your boss and they will tell you what to forge. Once you forge the items which will be 10 of them or 250 if its ammo. Then take the items to the boss for pay. In Repair job you will get a Job Repair Hammer and you get a broken weapon or armor and take it to the anvil and repair the item and return it to the boss for pay.


You can now be a tanner. You can make leather and leather strips from pelts. Talk to smiths for a Tanning Jobs. Talk to a smith and then get materials from your boss and to go the Tanning Rack and work with the material and return it to your boss for pay.

I have mods which can combine feature from this mod with others mods I made. Go here to download them.