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A small bugfix update to Starx VVR

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StarX is no longer supporting Vanilla Vampires Revised and has given me permission to do updates. The archive also inlcludes an updated version of the VVR-OOO/FCOM patch. This is the complete version - all the files are included; if you like, please go to his entry and endorse it too: http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/16417/

I do not have plans to add or expand on any quests, though if someone else wants to take up the mantle, let me know.

Updating: If you're updating from any version before 2.12, I recommend making a clean save. Disable the old version, go somewhere without any NPCs, wait out the respawn time, then install the new version. Note that the new version has the C.Light bash tag, for those of you who use a bashed patch.

If you're updating to 2.14 and above: You should remove all the old files and install the new ones from the archive. I removed a bunch of unused files and edited a couple meshes to point to the proper textures. It won't break anything if you don't use the new files, but you'll miss out on some cool stuff.

Changelog for StarX VVR:

Version 2.18 (4 Aug 2017)
* Fixed a bug that prevented the "Join the Serentin" quest from starting (again).
* Damian and the Patriarch are now essential.
* A few minor fixes.
* Fixed Damian's missing AI in the FCOM patch (again).

Version 2.16 (26 Mar 2016)
* Added the "vampire death" effect to the following vampire NPCs that didn't have it: the Afflicted Brethren, Hindaril, Vicente 
* Fixed a bug in Damian's dialogue that prevented him from giving you spells/offering services.
* Added a service package to Damian, and fixed his missing AI in the FCOM patch.
* Repackaged the archive (the esps were mistakenly placed in the meshes folder).

Version 2.15 (20 May 2015)
* Grounded a floating coffin in Fort Redman, and adjusted the skeletons in the open coffins.
* Damian now offers services as intended; fixed his dialogue so he no longer mentions Krell.

Version 2.14 (17 Jan 2015)
* Removed a bunch of unused files.
* Added the Ebony Black Armor to the Serentin Chest (it was there, just not added).
* Changed the mesh for the Shadowstalker Greaves so it matches the rest of the set (it was already there, but not assigned for some reason).
* Fixed a bug that prevented the "Join the Serentin" quest from starting.
* Various other minor fixes.

Version 2.13 (28 Oct 2013)
* Finally found a safe way to disable the vanilla door to Fort Vlastarus.

Version 2.12 (25 Oct 2013)
* Removed the teleport marker from the original door to Fort Vlastarus (this occasionally made the game crash when you go through a transition).
* Fixed a couple incorrect skeleton models.

Version 2.11 (25 Sep 2013)
* Fixed Join the Vampire Hunters Guild quest so that once you've joined the guild or turned down Mereander, the quest will complete.
* Expanded Invitation to Darkness and fixed several bugs:
- Fixed the bug where the recruiter only appears some of the time.
- Fixed dialogue conditions checks for the early stages.
- Fixed the Serentin faction bug (PCs who joined the vampires and went to Fort Redwater would get attacked).
- Arch Patriarch Marcus Serentin and his advisor Damian will now appear after you talk to the recruiter.
- Damian also offers services, as was intended; I moved his merchant container from the vault to below the cell where it belongs.
- Added journal entries for two stages that didn't have them.
- You can fully join the clan and complete the quest, though you still can't go any further.
- Added a final stage that completes the quest if you choose not to join up.
* Fixed music type in various cells.
* Fixed some more dirty edits.
* Added No LLP and Quest Item for all the dead bodies, and removed AI/factions as appropriate.
* Removed or added ownership from/to numerous objects/items, as appropriate.
* Removed persistence from many NPCs and objects that didn't need it, and removed many unused persistent objects.
* Condensed numerous AI packages.
* Optimized the scripts.

* Restored a Shadowbanish wine chest in Ft. Vlastarus that had been disabled.
* Fixed the interior door in Ft. Vlastarus (StarX extended the entry passage to add some stuff beneath it, but didn't move the door because it's persistent; I made a copy to link to the outside).
* Fixed some more wild edits.

* Changed a couple factions to be Evil, so that killing members of those factions won't incur a bounty.
* Added the Actors.ACBS bash tag.

* Grounded/adjusted various objects.
* Restored many vanilla containers that had been deleted, and moved them to appropriate locations.
* Restored a corner bridge piece in Fanacas that had been moved above the dungeon.
* Edited the text for grammar and spelling.
* Added bash tag.
* Cleaned up the readme.
* Cleaned the esp with TES4Edit.

Changelog for the VVR-OOO/FCOM Patch:
* Moved some objects in Lipsand Tarn Lorsel
* Removed a corner section blocking off access to Lipsand Tarn 03 (added by OOO) and restored the missing passage to the stairs
* Raised a OOO chest in Ft. Redwater Halls of Glory