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StarX Vanilla Vampires Revised: Get ready for some intense action and heartstopping moments! Join the Vampires of House Serentin or the Vampire Hunters Guild!

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============== STARX VANILLA VAMPIRES REVISED ==================

Author: StarX

Version: Beta 3
Requires version 1.2.0214 of Oblivion. Get the latest patch at


Update 2 april 2011 (Beta 3)

Cleaned with TES4Edit

update Beta 2.6: Updated the OOO-FCOM patch.

updated 23 juli 2010 (Beta 2.5) Cleaned the esp from unwanted edits and changed the name of the mapmarker of the secret entrance to the Vampire Hunters Guild in a less generic name so it's easier to spot. Includes a brand new OOO-FCOM patch made by CorePC based on Ziggy's original patch so there should be no more fighting among factions. Note that the Light of Dawn will still not work with SVVR vampires as that fix will be implemented in future updates of OOO.

Updated 12 juli 2010 (Beta 2.1) Quick fix for triggering the Serentin vampire recruiter at the King and Queen Tavern. Thanks LadyMilla!

Updated 7 juli 2010 (Beta 2)

Fixed a lot of meshes/texture issues and several other small bugs. Splitted the archive into 4 different archives. Download and install SVVR meshes, SVVR textures 1, SVVR textures 2 and SVVR esp to get all the files needed for SVVR.

Additional thanks to:

Vegtabill, Arkngt and Brumbek

ElminsterEU for TES4Edit

Recommended mod to use alongside SVVR:

StarX Vampire Deaths Improved: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=27421

StarX Witch Hunter Armor: An armor fitting for vampire hunters: http://www.invision.tesalliance.org/forums/index.php?/files/file/104-starx-witch-hunter-armor/

Serentin Vampire Armors (these are not in SVVR!): http://www.invision.tesalliance.org/forums/index.php?/files/file/436-serentin-vampire-armors/


The usual: extract the files and put them in your Oblivion data folder. Activate through Data Files/Oblivion Mod Manager/Wrye Bash. For instructions on the OOO-FCOM patch please read the readme in the folder.

Short description:

This mod changes the vampires in TES4:Oblivion, making them really dangerous and adding a background story. The player can join the Vampires of House Serentin or join the Vampire Hunters Guild. It also adds tons of new items, spells, a new deadsequence, new eyes and makes vampires more beautiful in general. Most of the vampire dungeons have received an overhaul to make them look like vampire lairs instead of average dungeons.


If you find that playing the game with mods like OOO or FCOM is to hard for you, than this is not for you! Expect to die a lot as a low level player!

I strongly suggest not to use the vanilla nighteye spell as it will ruine the experience!

Back up your recent saved games before installing in case you want to revert back to it!


- Some of the new items still use vanilla icons (books/some armors etc.). I hope to fix this in future updates.
- A few places still need to be overhauled (e.g. : Memorial Cave and Fort Naso)
- Some armors can only be worn as a complete outfit (like the DB armor) to prevent clipping when using body replacers and some outfits are male or female only.


This mod stifes to change the way vampires are portrayed in TES4:Oblivion. This is done in a number of ways:

1. Appearance
The aging and morphing on the vampire faces (both player and NPC) has been removed. Vampires do still have a vampiric look to them, but not the monstrous faces they
have in vanilla. There are also several new eye textures available.
Vampires now have their own unique equipment: armor, robes, clothing and weaponry. All are either drawn from new Leveled Lists or directly placed on the NPC's.

2. Strenght
Vampires are now extremely dangerous and will use unique spells and abilities on the player. They are fast, agile and strong, in other words: deadly!

3. Organisation
There are now four different vampire factions in Cyrodiil: House Serentin, House Leicher, Feral Vampires and a secret faction. Once the player has become a vampire he can choose to join the vampires of House Serentin and receive special spells and abilities.

4. Lore
StarX Vanilla Vampires Revised combines excisting lore regarding Cyrodiil vampires with non-excisting lore. It strifes to do this as good as possible and many situations are explained in the new books and notes scattered throughout the game.

5. Real Vampire Dust
Vampires will now die in a burst, leaving only a charred skeleton behind.To keep things interresting they are stil lootable!

6. Vampire Hunters
To counter the evergrowing threat of the vampires there is a very active Vampire Hunters Guild. They have their own secret stronghold high in the Jerral Mountains. The player can join the guild and buy unique gear, potions and spells to support the player while hunting vampires.

7. Locations
Almost all of the vampire dungeons have been reworked to represent their bloodthirsty inhabitants. Many places are dark, scary and intimidating.

New spells, potions and abilities

There a lot of new spells, potions and abilities. Here follows a selection of the more unique stuff:


Heartrip - the ability to rip out the heart of a NPC once a day (PC only)
Summon Serentin Wraith - summons a ghostly manifestation of a Serentin Patriarch (PC only)
Heavy Blow - throws the player around like a ragdoll (NPC only)
Mental Attack - A psychic attack, messing with the players stats, sight and sound (NPC only)

Vampire Hunters:

Light of Arkay - greater power to instantly kill vampires (bosses are resistant)
Summon Slayer Spirit - summons a ghostly manifestion of a high level vampire slayer

potions and poisons:

Tainted Blood: Will damage the health of any NPC/creature, but will cause uncontrolled movements on Vampires
Cure Porphyric Hemophilia Elixer: Will instantly cure you once you have contracted the VampDisease

New equipment

There are many new weapons, armors and clothingpieces. Here are a few weapons that can be used on vampires:

Tears of the Sun - an arrow that uses a Solar Cristal arrowhead, causing instant kills on vampires
Syringe Silver Essence Arrows - an arrow that injects a blend of silver essence and garlic extract straight into the vampires' bloodstream, causing an instant kill
Silver Stakes - Use the stakes on sleeping vampires for an instant kill, the player needs to be a Journeyman of sneak

A few hints:

To be able to join the Vampires of House Serentin, you must have turned into a vampire and visit the King and Queen Tavern in the IC Elvengarden District to talk to Aramgor.

To join the Vampire Hunters, succesfully complete the quest from The Order of the Virtious Blood and wait around a bit in the IC Temple District, you will be approached by a female Dark Elf.


Get the OOO compatabilty patch here: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=21564

Any mod that changes the same location as the Vampire Hunters Stronghold in the Jerral Mountains can cause problems.

Remember that SVVR is still in Beta, so I depend on feedback from the players to fix bugs and compatabilty issues!

Not compatible with any mod that alters the lighting in the dungeons SVVR overhauls (e.g. Darker Dungeons) In case you want to use DD as well. make sure to load it before SVVR.


Bethesda Softworks for creating an awesome game and platform to expand upon!

StarX (texture work/mesh editing/scripting/questmaking/interior design and building the esp)

I wish to thank the following people, who made SVVR what it is today (in no particular order):

Najaknevrec: for the awesome robes and armors created especially for SVVR

Sinblood: for the wonderful outfits for lady vampires and the mindblowing Inquisitor armor and the custom race, as well as offering resources from Vampire Haven

Waalx: for a handpicked selection of his fantastic RealSwords and the Heronmark Sword

Nicoroshi: for his awesome resources like the Dreadweave armor, Wulfharth's Fury, the Talon of Akatosh and the Welkynd Arrows

Scanti: for solving the face morphing on vampires

Grimbot: for the fantastic bookcovers and help to flesh out the backstory of the vampires

Sage Rime: for the fantastic heavy armors for the vampire houses

SpookyFX: for the "throw away ragdoll" script

Axil: for some Exnemized version of the new armors, that used his work as a base

Trollf: for some of his great Armamentarium items that are used and general help on solving problems I encountered

Folex: for his amazing work on Lipsand Tarn, Fort Vlastarus and Bloodcrust Cavern

Jannix Quinn: for his cool potion bottles

Nick_op: for the Syringe Arrow mesh and textures

Pitt: For the closed helmet resource and the FleshGolem from Loreless creature pack

Alienslof: For the black wolf texture from her dog mod

dev_akm: for general advice on certain issues

ICUP: for the stake mesh

Darina: for playtesting the very first version of SVVR and massive support on the SVVR thread

Arkngt: for the playtesting and feedback on the first testversion

Frude: for a whole pack of new icons

Claviticus: for helping me with optimizing the scripts

Haldor (from The Order): for letting me use the skeleton meshes

Ziggy/CorePC: For the OOO/FCOM patch

All of the helpful people that helped me out on my scripting adventures in the CS forum!

All of the people that supported me during the creating process of this massive project and giving me the feedback I needed! You guys rock!

Please forgive me if I forgot someone/ something. I'm going through a pretty hectic period right now, so please notify me ASAP so I can correct any mistakes.