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A collection of all my changes which don't depend on Oblivion.esm to play. Includes:- Creature Damage Fix- Telekinesis Fix- Elemental and Armored Fist- Silver Damage Bonus- Random Loot Durability- And more!

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Migck's Miscellaneous fixes, tweaks and additions

This is a collection of all my OBSE fixes, tweaks and additions which do not depend on Oblivion.esm and which are small and simple enough (well not really...) to be bundled together into a single file.
All the features contained here are customizable in an ini file, MigMiscellanea.ini, where you can tweak the behavior of or even disable any feature you want.
This supersedes a number of my other minor released mods, so if you use any of the ones featured here, I advise you to remove them before using this mod.
That being said, in this mod you will find:

Creature Damage Fix
An old favorite of mine, this feature will indeed fix the damage caused by weapon-wielding creatures so that their base attack damage value is also factored into their weapon's damage. Otherwise, the paradox occurs that unarmed creatures will cause more melee damage than armed ones, an issue which was avoided in Morrowind but not at all in Oblivion.
To achieve this, an amount of Attack Bonus actor value is added through a token to any creatures wielding a weapon. Disabling the tweak will also remove these tokens and the Attack Bonus.
Note: this feature should not be used together with Duke Patrick's Melee Combat mod, since Duke's mod already ensures armed creatures do more damage than unarmed ones

Creature Power Attack Fix
Kind of a complement to the above, this makes creatures gain additional damage from their power attacks just like NPCs do, since neither armed nor unarmed critters get any bonus to damage when power attacking in vanilla: it was just a cosmetic difference to their attacks.
Note that this was probably intended, since many creatures have more power attack than regular attack animations, or only power attack ones. Because of this, you can configure which types of power attack (forward, backward, sidewards and standing) will get a bonus in the ini.
Again: this feature should not be used together with Duke Patrick's Melee Combat mod, since Duke's mod already adds new and nasty (to you) effects to power attacks, so additional damage to top that is kinda hardcore

Telekinesis Fix
This is an attempt to circumvent the many, MANY pitfalls which afflict Telekinesis, at least until JRoush comes along and fixes the Telekinesis handler altogether...
To put this in perspective, the Telekinesis magic effect handler is a complete disaster, a mash up between the Morrowind one, changed to be on Target instead of on Self for the havok manipulation sprinkled on top, and made rushedly when the game was near release. The bugs it has, along with their solutions, are:
  • Telekinesis and Spell Absorption: the way telekinesis works, when you cast telekinesis at a suitable item, the game casts that same telekinesis magic item at you, and the item will remain in your telekinetic control for as long as the telekinesis effect on you lasts. If you have any amount of spell absorption active when you cast a telekinesis effect, the effect that the game casts at you may be absorbed by you, preventing telekinesis from doing anything. To prevent this as best as I could, the player's Spell Absorb Chance AV is set to 0 when casting and reverted once you have finished the casting sequence, be it from spell or from staff.
  • Telekinesis Actor Value messing: each time you have a telekinesis magic item as your active spell or equipped staff, the player's Telekinesis base actor value is set to the magnitude of the telekinesis effect in it x the game setting fMagicUnitsPerFoot (22). When you cast it, and due to the above, a max modifier equal to the telekinesis effect's magnitude is added on top of that, which comes from the telekinesis effect actually being on you. This max modifier is not only completely unnecessary. If you cast a telekinesis spell at nothing, it gets STUCK on you, increasing the distance at which all your following telekinesis effects will work. Therefore, the telekinesis AV max modifier is always ensured to remain at 0 on the player, preventing this bug.
  • Telekinesis Scrolls: due to the above, if you don't have the telekinesis magic item selected at the moment you cast it, the telekinesis effect will fail, because the game will gather your telekinesis AV is 0. As soon as you start casting a scroll, not only it is removed from your inventory, but your active spell is set to be the default player spell (heal minor wounds), and thus unless you open the spell menu and select the same scroll or a similar telekinesis spell, your scroll will do nothing. To prevent this, while you are in the act of casting a telekinesis scroll, a dummy telekinesis spell with the same telekinesis effect as your scroll will be set as your active spell, ensuring your telekinesis AV remains correct until you complete the casting, and making telekinesis scrolls finally work!!!
Believe me, this fix alone is worth the whole mod, at least if you plan on using Telekinesis at all.

Elemental and Armored Fist
This feature will add elemental and/or physical damage to hand-to-hand attacks, both yours and from creatures/NPCs, based on the amount of the four shield effects active on the actor, and the armor rating of his gauntlets. These, and the standard Shield effect add physical damage, and all four kinds of damage may be resisted/reflected/absorbed.
By default, each shield effect adds 10% of its magnitude as damage, and each shield can add up to 20% of the game setting fHandHealthMax (default 15, which means each shield can add up to 3 points of damage) in the case of NPCs, or of the creature's attack damage. Gauntlets add their armor rating adjusted to the actor's hand to hand skill level.
Elemental shield effects can be made to require a magicka cost from the actor to take effect, with different multipliers for creatures and NPCs. Physical shields and gauntlets are exempt but their extra damage will be adjusted by the actor's current fatigue.
As always, you can customize the multipliers for each of these features. There are three separate multipliers for the three elemental shields, the standard shield effect, and gauntlets.
The functions in MigMaster mod will be used if present to adjust the damage dealt to the game's difficulty, target's block, and to AV Uncapper's settings, if available. It is entirely optional.
Plus, if you use MenuQue (why wouldn't you?), you'll have your socks blown off. Guaranteed.

Silver Damage Bonus
This feature makes silver and/or mithril weapons weapons cause additional damage to undead, vampires and/or were creatures, including yourself. Mithril weapons and werewolves are to be provided by mods as there are none to find in vanilla, but all of them should be recognized and treated accordingly by this feature.
By default, these weapons add 50% to their damage. Undead suffer half of it, vampires suffer the full extra damage, and werevolves suffer twice. You can customize all of these multipliers.
In order to identify werecreatures, the mod will use the Actor Identifier feature from my MigMaster mod if present, using a list named 'Werecreature'. Otherwise this feature will not affect werewolves. As well, a list named "Undead" is used to identify additional actors which should be flagged as such, instead of just Undead-type creatures.
Lists are also used to identify silver and mithril weapons. If not using MigMaster, they will merely be identified by model path.
These list has been included under 'Data\Ini\Migck\MigMiscellanea.esp.ini', to be loaded by MigMaster.esm, and you can customize it there to determine what is to be considered a werewolf, undead or a damaging weapon by this mod.

Random Durability and Charge
This feature will try to give more variety to the loot you find in containers, and recover from dead actors, by altering their durability percentage, and charge amount if magical. I have been conservative in what this feature touches to avoid issues, so only non-key locked, respawning containers and/or dead actors will be processed, and only playable, non-quest item (and whose durability and charge is at 100% for containers) shall be affected.
Only containers or actors which the player activates will undergo durability or charge adjustments to the items inside, and only once per cell respawn of course, so you don't have to worry about randomizing stuff up by repeated activation of a container.
You can customize the chance of an item having its durability or charge changed, and the minimum and maximum durability and charge percentages it can end up with.

NPC Exceptional Gear
No, it isn't as awe inspiring as it sounds... this feature simply pumps the repair percentages of weapons and armors of NPCs with an armorer skill of 75 or more to 125%, just like the player can do when he gets the expert armorer perk.
It does so while they are alive, and thus your fights against them should be slightly more challenging. It works fine with the above feature if enabled.
You can customize the chance for this to happen, though note it will affect mostly NPCs of the marauder class since few NPC classes have armorer as a major skill.

Idle Chatter
A feature based on Cliffworms' Idle Dialogues mod, this has no dependency on Oblivion.esm and even more checks. Basically, if a NPC isn't doing anything important, and you are near enough, they might mutter something to themselves just like in Morrowind, using the unused Idle dialog files provided in the game.
You can set the % chance they will have every frame to say something, which I advise to leave really low or else your strolls around a city will end up sounding like a walk through a mental institution.
To determine which actors should not speak idle, the mod will use the Actor Identifier feature from my MigMaster mod if present, using a list named 'NoIdleDialog'. Otherwise any actor will be able to speak idle lines.
This list has been included under 'Data\Ini\Migck\MigMiscellanea.esp.ini', to be loaded by MigMaster.esm, and you can customize it there to restrict which actors are able to speak idle lines. Default exceptions include Mankar, Uriel, Lucien Lachance, Haskill, actors with the Knight of Order ability and the Elven Statue class.

Better Skillup Notification
This feature improves the message you get when a skill receives an increase, by showing to what level the skill has increased, e.g. 'Your Blunt skill has increased to level 22'. Plus, if you use MenuQue, you will see the skill's icon in the notification message.
It works with any language version of Oblivion since the message is displayed with your game's string settings.

Water Walking Toggle
This feature allows you to turn any Water Walking effects off when making your character look directly down at his feet, greatly easing your attempts to dive with this effect on if your speed stat isn't too great. Your water walking abilities will return to normal any time you're looking in any other direction.

Horse Healthkeeping
Tired of casting Convalescence on your horse? With this feature, your horse can slowly regain any health it has lost, by default it will regain 1 point of health per second, but you can set the multiplier per second to over 9000 and make your horse immortal, barring a super sayan attack.

Cast while Sitting
With this feature you will be able to cast spells with on Self range when sitting on furniture or horses, which is quite practical when traveling around on a horse. With Oblivion Reloaded's recent developments, this is mostly obsolete, though you can still enable it to be able to cast spells while you're sitting on a chair.

Creature Yielding
This feature enables yielding to creatures with similar rules as to NPCs. It gets rid of the message indicating you can't yield to them, and you can set an intelligence threshold under which the creature will not yield.

Quick Save & Load Replacement
This feature gets rid of the vanilla quicksave and quickload functionality by disabling their controls. Pressing the quicksave control when not in combat will perform a hard save, with a number appended that increases every time you do. Pressing the quickload control will reset this number and quit the game, and the function is even renamed to that in the control menu. Don't say you weren't warned!
Experience says the vanilla quicksave and loading a game while already playing are prone to corruption, which is why I offered these as another avenue to get rid of them. If you rely heavily on quicksave/load and never had any issues, more power to you.

  • Kobal for pointing out bugs and things to improve
  • Troybayliss, Strategy Master, and Cliffworms, for their respective mods from which some of the features included here were based on
  • the OBSE team for such an amazing expansion to the game's capabilities
  • ShadeMe for the CS Extender (I'll never thank him enough for it)
  • You for downloading the mod