Skyrimized waters by Hexaae
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Added: 04/02/2012 - 12:26AM
Updated: 15/07/2012 - 01:55AM

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Last updated at 1:55, 15 Jul 2012 Uploaded at 0:26, 4 Feb 2012

A new water effect using good (?) old original Oblivion water shader! (incredible but true).

The goal is to obtain a realistic water different from all previous mods like the good Enhanced Waters HD 2.0 or similar... more Skyrim-like (hence the name of the mod)... but the ambitious project is to make it good using just the same old water shader engine offered by the game in 2006, nothing new! No new textures, no new shaders! :)

Goals: no more unrealistic liquid metal-like surface too much reflective, with oily animations, color shades, flat, and without waves and glitters...

Pros briefly:
- waves (sort of)
- no more oily animations
- fast moving
- glitters in the sun
- no more unrealistic flat liquid metal-like surface
- opaque torbid looking surface like (most) real lakes and rivers, but keeping realistic reflections
- nicer colors emerald-blue instead of semi-transparent and too much reflective (which is good only for small ponds IMHO)
- better underwater light impact (darker in the deep, much lighter near shores)
- no fps hits (of course!)

Please add your constructive comments and I'll try to improve it whenever possibile ;)

HINT: suggested settings in the Oblivion.ini


Notice: this mod wouldn't exist without the good mod Enhanced Water HD 2.0 by LprMan, from where it all started....

- nothing. Just Oblivion updated to latest patch 1.2.0416. No OBSE/OBGE required. No texture add-ons. Nothing but this .esp mod.

1.0 first public release
1.1 improved waves effect and sun impact. Dungeons and sewers will use a bit more murky and greenish water, ponds recorrected.
1.2 better colors...
1.3 removed useless Editor ID added by mistake to the mod. Imperceptible changes to Dungeon Waters...
1.4 improved Dungeon Water. It's now a bit more opaque and murky...
1.5 improved everything. More opaque Dungeon Waters, better colors everywhere (should alleviate the "milky" effect at some daytime), ripples in the rain finally visible... Added BLUE variant version.
1.6 minor bugfix (removed a testing flag), improved underwater lights especially at night (was too clear before, now darker...)
1.7 fixed some ripples problems with the ENG versions (sorry,some changes were applied only to the ITA versions!). Added SI addon version too (both BLUE and regular)
1.8 Slightly increased reflections.