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ALPHA version of my Sheogorad mod, mainly of interest for modders since the assets may be used in your own mods if you respect the terms of use.

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== Sheogorad - Forsaken Isles Alpha ==


Important things first:

1. This mod is an alpha version and completely unfinished. You can walk around in the Sheogorad region and visit a few (partially incomplete) dungeons, but there are no NPCs, no enemies except for a few placeholders, no pathgrids, no quests etc. This will change in the future obviously, but for now it is mainly meant as a resource. If you are only interested in playing a finished, (at least mostly) complete mod then you should forget about this and look somewhere else. I warned you, there is a lot of stuff missing or unfinished and for the average player it will look like a building site (which it is) and not like a full-blown mod.

2. If you want to use the assets provided by this mod in your own mod PLEASE READ THE TERMS OF USE. It's only a few things I'm asking for. Any mods that make use of Sheogorad assets that do not comply with the terms of use will not be tolerated by me and I will ask moderators of TES modding sites to remove these mods, no questions asked. May sound harsh, but it means a lot of trouble for this mod if the terms of use aren't respected.

These are the assets included:

1. A complete and enhanced Dwemer tileset.
2. A complete and enhanced Velothi tileset (mainly for tombs, but can be used for buildings as well).
3. A complete and enhanced Daedric tileset.
4. A mostly complete Dwemer rich tileset (not in Morrowind or other ES games, built from my own imagination)
5. Complete architecture for Dagon Fel (Imperial style houses in Morrowind).
6. A lot of 'Dunmer architecture', the same houses used in Vos in Morrowind.
7. A complete set of landscape objects that can be found in the Sheogorad/Azura's Coast region in Morrowind.
8. Some other things that were or were not in Morrowind (Dunmer ship, clutter, deco Cliffracer, some creatures and so on and so on)
9. Probably even more things that I forgot.

Installing the mod works as always, drop the bsa, the esp and the esm into you data folder and check the esp and the esm.

To play the mod you need to use the console, there is no way to get to the Sheogorad region other than that. To get to Dagon Fel simply type

coc XSDFHurgsHouseLvl

into the console. From there you'll be able to walk through Sheogorad. There are some houses and dungeons you can enter (for example Ald Daedroth as an example for a Daedric shrine or Senim Tomb as an example for a Velothi tomb), but most doors you will find will have no interior behind them. To see all map markers type

tmm 1

into the console.

Many interiors aren't accessible by normal means though, so here are a few console codes for locations of interest (of interest for modders who want to use the tilesets):

coc XSVENelasTombLvl01

Another example for Velothi tombs (like Senim Tomb, which is accessible via load door).

coc XSDWMzuleftLvl7

Example for the rich tileset.

coc XSDWMzuleftLvl3

Example for scaffolding Dwemer tileset.

There are a lot more interiors you can look at, just look them up in the CS.

I don't have much time right now and I want to get this mod out before the end of the weekend, so if you have any questions just ask.

= Credits =

Phitt - Models/Textures/CS work
Kzinistzerg - Textures
SpeedyB - Models/Textures/CS work
Rowan - CS work
Dave91 - Models/Textures/CS work
MrSiika - Models/Textures
Lady Nerevar - CS work
InsanitySorrow - CS work
CaptainUltima - World map

If you contributed to the mod and your name isn't here then please tell me and I'll add you to the list.

EDIT: Just in case I won't have time to mod once Skyrim comes out - you are allowed to convert the assets from this mod to Skyrim format. Just make sure you give proper credits and also make sure that none of the textures are Oblivion textures owned by Bethesda. At least the Daedric and Velothi tilesets can be converted 1:1 since they're 100% made from scratch (which means not only models, but also textures were made from scratch).