About this mod

This mod works on filling up the Sheogorad Region with playable locations. It is built on the base of \"Sheogorad - Forsaken Isles ALPHA.\" The focus of this mod is turning the Sheogorad modders resource into a more fully playable mod for casual gamers.

Permissions and credits
Mod: Sheogorad Update ALPHA WIP 1_2
Game: TES IV: Oblivion
Requires: Shivering Isles
Sheogorad - Forsaken Isles ALPHA http://tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=37329
Author: David Brasher
Release Date: 9/18/11
1. Information on the Mod
2. Installation
3. Version History
4. Conflicts, Known Issues, and Troubleshooting
5. Copy Status and Credits
This mod works on filling up the Sheogorad Region with playable locations. It is built on
the base of "Sheogorad - Forsaken Isles ALPHA." The focus of this mod is turning the Sheogorad modders
resource into a more fully playable mod for casual gamers.

The area of modding operations is the Sheogorad Region. The worldspace included in Sheogorad -
Forsaken Isles is all of Morrowind, but most of the efforts to build and fix things will be in the
Sheogorad Region. More specifically, the area around Dagon Fel. As updates to this mod are released,
the area further and further from Dagon Fel will be fixed. When you play this mod, keep in mind that it
is construction zone, and the further you stray from Dagon Fel, the rougher and less complete everything
will become.

So you can go to Balmora or Vivec if you want to, but you won't see much of anything. At this
point there are only about six complete and playable dungeons in southern Morrowind, although there are
plans to paste in the town of Caldera and the surrounding dungeons if time allows.

So as a user of this mod, you will want to stay in Sheogorad, and the northern Ashlands. In
that part of the world, there are about 14 dungeons and 3 settlements which are tolerably complete. The
best completion rates are with daedric ruins and Dwemer ruins.

To start playing the mod, go to the Anvil harbor and look for a ship that is different than the
others. Talk to the captain and pay her to transport you to Dagon Fel in Morrowind. She can also
transport you back.

How this mod improves Sheogorad - Forsaken Isles ALPHA:

Removed reliance on console codes. You no longer use them to reach Morrowind and reach various interiors.
All the doors that I found have been hooked up so that all the reasonably complete cells can be reached.

Adds creatures to incomplete dungeons that were lacking them and to the water and land of the entire
Sheogorad Region and northern Ashlands Region.

Autopathgrids the Sheogorad Region and begins to manually tweak and fine-tune it. Has started
path-gridding some of the dungeons that weren't already path-gridded.

Adds most of the NPCs to Dagon Fel.

Puts proper loot in a fair number of containers.

Adds a number of fully complete and playable dungeons.

Fixes the worst problems with some existing dungeons and gets them closer to being fully complete and

Fixes the regions and adds the ones in northern Morrowind other than Sheogorad which was already present.

Fixes some problems with bad mesh and texture paths in the Sheogorad BSA and meshes and textures that were
not even included in the BSA.

The crime system has been fixed to work if you get arrested in Morrowind.

Adds the four merchants at Dagon Fel, the two at Urshilaku Camp, and one at Ald Redaynia Village. The Wise
Woman at Urshilaku Camp provides spellmaking services.

Sorkvild's Tower has enemies and containers that do not respawn. It was made this way so that you can take
it over and use it as a player-owned home. You can also sleep at the inn. Click on the bed to rent it.

Various small tweaks and bugfixes made.

There is still much work to do. There should be another update to this mod soon. I need to get
fix buggy and incomplete dungeons, and build the rest of the dungeons near Dagon Fel.

If you are nostalgic for Morrowind, or never played the game and wonder what it is like, then
this might be a good mod for you.
2. Installation
This mod is large and requires that you install both parts of it and also install all the
other three things it requires too:

Shivering Isles

This mod will not work if you do not install both the parts. Make sure you have downloaded
and installed Part 1 of 1 and Part 2 of 2. They both install the same way no matter what components they
contain. Be sure that you install compatible versions of part 1 and part 2. Part 1 will be updated more
frequently than part 2, since part 1 is the .esp and part 2 is the resources. If you install a new version
of part 1 on an obsolete version of part 2, you will get missing meshes and textures.

Extract (decompress) the .esp, meshes, textures, and sound files to your Oblivion directory,
the default is:
C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data\
If asked if it is okay to merge folders, say yes.
Mark the box next to the "Sheogorad Update" plugin in your mod manager.

Alternately, extract someplace else. Then move the .esp, meshes, textures, and sound files
to Oblivion\Data. Mark the box next to the plugin in your mod manager.

Make sure the DLC and the mods that this depends on are installed and activated. Concerning the Cobl mods,
this mod only requires that the Cobl meshes and textures be installed and that Cobl main be activated.
Nothing else from Cobl is needed.
3. Version History
V 1.2 9/18/11Replacement of instances of Cyrodiil food and drink with Morrowind counterparts. Five more
locations. Assorted bug-fixes. Assorted price and stat fixes.
V 1.1 9/12/11Added the merchants. Crime fixes. Spellmaking. Pricing fixes. Two more dungeons.
V 1.0 9/5/11 Initial release.
4. Conflicts, Known Issues, and Troubleshooting
If you don't install this mod right, Oblivion will not start, or you will get exclamation
points, pink things, and CTDs. Read the installation instructions and the troubleshooting section.

This mod will not work if you do not install both of the parts. Make sure you have downloaded
and installed both of them. Failure to do this causes exclamation points, missing textures, and CTDs.

This mod will not work and can prevent Oblivion from starting if you do not install the three
things it depends on:

Shivering Isles
Sheogorad - Forsaken Isles ALPHA http://tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=37329

The cliffracers are animated static objects, they are just to look at. They do not attack you
and you can not kill them.

Oblivion Slaughterfish have terrible AI and usually don't attack. So what I did was place
three slaughterfish everywhere that there would be one in Morrowind. This way you have about three times
the chance of getting attacked by a slaughterfish as you otherwise would. Unfortunately, the terrible
slaughterfish AI also sometimes causes them to levitate above the water or try to go swimming on land.

Oblivion is not Morrowind, and many things will look different, act different, or not be
present. If you want everything to be exactly the same, you might consider playing Morrowind instead of

The train ride is pretty fun and unique, but does not actually take you anywhere at this stage.
Pull the lever on the floor when you want to get off of the train.

Certain of the modders were very imaginative. This is not a close copy of Morrowind. Certain
places will be totally different than they were in the original game and much more elaborate.

If you use companions, they will not be able to follow you on the boat ride to Morrowind. If
they are teleporting companions, or if they come with a summoning spell, you will be okay. Otherwise you
might try fast traveling while you are in Morrowind to get your companions to catch up with you.

This is an ALPHA WIP. It is a big messy construction zone. If you want a nice tidy gaming
experience, then don't play this mod. If you are willing to tolerate a few loose ends, then stay near
Dagon Fel and don't stray too far off the beaten path. If you are a tolerant adventurer, go wherever you
like. Six of the most highly polished dungeons are out in the wilderness in southern Morrowind. (They
were cut and pasted from another mod and were not part of the original plan.)

Difficulty level: This mod does not always use leveling. It will be very hard when you are
low-level and could be too easy when you are high-level. You can encounter the toughest monsters and
the most valuable loot at any time whether you are level 1 or level 45. It was sort of difficult
trying to translate Morrowind creature stats to Oblivion. So I am not sure if it is balanced correctly
Respawning: In Morrowind, the creatures and loot often did not respawn. In Oblivion, people
are accustomed to things respawning even if it is not logical at all. (For instance, the Dwemer have all
vanished. How can they repair their centurions and refill their treasure chests after you raid their
city?) But for the sake of what people are used to and for replay value, I have made things respawn.

SPOILER: In the cave Shallit, you will need to find the Rising Force Potion sitting by a
candle on a crate hidden behind some rocks before you can get to the part of the dungeon with the enemies
and good treasure.

The amount of play-testing done has been inadequate.

If you locate a bug, contact David Brasher on TES Nexus so that the situation can be
examined so that the bug can hopefully be fixed.
5. Copy Status and Credits
The Sheogorad Team for Sheogorad - Forsaken Isles ALPHA
Phitt - Models/Textures/CS work
Kzinistzerg - Textures
SpeedyB - Models/Textures/CS work
Rowan - CS work
Dave91 - Models/Textures/CS work
MrSiika - Models/Textures
Lady Nerevar - CS work
InsanitySorrow - CS work
CaptainUltima - World map
The Cobl Team for Coblhttp://tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=21104|TesNexus
== Cosmetics
=== Eyes
* Capucine
* Miss== Hair
* Babe
* Corean
* Kafeid
* Ren
* Saram
* Soya
* ThrottleKitty
=== Races (General)
* bg2408 (Aureal, Mazken)
* bg2408 (Integration, Balancing)
* Scanti (Conformulator)
* Wrye (Integration)
=== Hidden Elves
* Ren (Original)
* bg2408 (Balanced)
=== Ohmes-raht
* Luchaire (Original)
* Nequam (Eyes)
* jw0ollard
* Kynetarse
* bg2408 (Balanced)
=== Xivilai Race
* Alien Slof (Original)
* Eldroth
* KafeiD
* Kikaimegami
* Kirel
* Kivan
* Madcat221
* Orc
* Ren
* Scanti
* ShadowJ
* SickleYield
* throttlekitty
* Xmarksthespot
* bg2408 (Balanced)
=== TNR
* Veritas_Secreto
* bg2408
* Shawn5150
== Features
=== Cobl Clock
* Haama
* Tashira Ronin
* Tekuromoto
* Wrye
=== Death Handling
* Scanner
* Wrye
=== Denock
* Haama
* Scruggsy
* Spookyfx
=== Hunger/Thirst Support
* dewshine (foods through Cobl Filter Late)
* ShadowWeir (OFM foods on dinner plate)
* Wrye (Eating, Water Wells)
=== Inventory Tracker
* Haama
=== Magic Tracker
* Kyoma
=== Options Menu
* Wrye
=== Poison Confirmation
* Haama
=== Recipe Updater Engine
* Haama
=== Misc Utilities/Signals
* Haama
* Scanner
* Wrye
=== Resources
* Texian (Water Meshes)
== Items
=== Alchemical Equipment
* Daleth (Sorters)
* Haama (Apparati, Sorters)
* Waruddar (Apparati)
* Wrye (Catalogs, Sorters)
=== Foods/Beverages/Ingredients/Items
* Coleen (Farmers Market)
* Tarnsman (Ayleid Coins)
* Tarnsman (Beer!)
* Tarnsman (Salmo)
* Tarnsman (Tamrielic Ingredients)
* Razorwing (Meshes)
* Phaedra (Meshes)
* Turgothh (Gem Dust)
* MEO (Ayleid Items - Original Meshes)
* Cryptic Rain (Additional Meshes)
* Vacuity (Integration with COBL)
* Washington (Morrowind Drinks)
=== Lore Books
* Bethsoft
* Gez
* MrDarkSim
* Xui'al
=== Item Interchange
* Vacuity
=== Misc. Features
* Wrye (Grinders)
* Wrye (Mage Altars)
* Wrye (The Luggage)
* johnguydude (mesh/texture)
* ohmygawk (SI bugfix)
=== Weapons
* Madcat221, RDjeke (Ayleid Weapons)
== Versions
=== Main/English
* Haama
* Wrye
* CorePC
mr_siika and
centurion for Dwemer Technology Part II Dwemer Skyship (architecture, textures, doors,
clutter, lights, furniture, containers, other.)
Stroti for "Strotis static machine parts" with several textures from "Fantastic Potions and Bottles"
by Jannix (Pipes and pump machine.) http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=35322
Jured and the Crimson Covenant Team for "Crimson Covenant - Resource Pack 1" (Raw Ebony and Raw Glass)
Da Mage for Dwemer Animunculi http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=36671
(Centurion Spider and Sphere Centurion.)
InsanitySorrow Normal Maps for Dwemer Animunculi (Classic Centurion Spider and Sphere Centurion)
Grimdeath for Lore Creature Expansion (Spider Centurion texture / sounds.)
Cryo_ for Lore Creature Expansion (Spider Centurion model / rigging.)
eloth for Steam Centurion.
Hashmi1 for creature modders resource installation instructions.
SpeedyB for "A Dwarven Tileset" (textures) http://tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=20241
Nealus for mod concept and for research on and procurement of modders resources.
MarineOKeefe for Caldera.
David Brasher for Dwemer Ruins, Daedric Shrine Ruins, Caldera Update, and editing work on this mod.
Bethesda for Morrowind.
Bethesda for making Oblivion in an open format anyone can mod.
Anyone else that I forgot or didn't know about that belongs on this list.

Copy Status:
The portion of the mod made by David Brasher is public domain with proper attribution and
courtesy notification. Feel free to modify that portion, share it, or use it in whole or in part in
another mod.

The modders resources that were used belong to the authors of them and may only be used with
proper attribution, notification, mod conflict prevention, and in certain cases, express permission for use.

Read the Sheogorad Terms of Use document.

If you need clarification on what belongs to who and how it may be used, contact David
Brasher on TES Nexus.