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  • Update 8.0

    v8.0 is nearly done! It comes with a number of new tools. Take a look at the newly uploaded video showcase of the brand new Render Window On-Screen Display!



    Enable compiler optimizations at long last!
    Implement render window OSD
    Implement render window cell lists
    Implement render window layers
    Implement render window selection painting
    Implement render window custom key bindings
    Implement render window reference filter
    Add "Open in Script Editor" context menu tool to the Find Text window
    Add support for drag-deselecting refs
    Add Visible/Selected-only filters to the cell view reference list
    Add toggle for grass overlay
    Add support for full camer...

  • CSE v7.0 released

    Took a while but in my defense, I was semi-retired ;)

    The new update includes some long-awaited features such as multiple object windows and preview windows, brand new tools - Object palettes and prefabs - and an improved script editor. Look into the readMe for the complete changelog.

    For more information, refer to the manual in the download archive....

  • 4 years ago...

    ... I started putting together some code to improve the Oblivion Construction Set's script editor. At that time, I had no idea whatsoever that the project would be beleaguered to such an extent by scope creep. Then, many months later, the Construction Set Extender was released to the public.

    Time flies, eh?...

  • Version 6.1 released

    Yes, it's indeed out and yes, it is indeed "amazeballs"....

  • Version 6.1 and CSE's future

    The next update to the plugin will be a fairly incremental one. The changes so far:

    Fixed a CS bug that caused the screen to 'blackout' when dialogs with color controls had to repaint their client area
    Prevented the resizing of the render window when there were active preview controls
    Added INI options to modify the render window painter text's font style and size
    Added a fly camera mode to the render window
    Fixed a bug that caused the Launch Game button to incorrectly execute the OBSE loader in Steam installations
    Added an INI option to modify the render window's default field of vision
    Added active form colorization/sorting to the landscape edit dialog
    Fixed a CS bug that caused the editor to crash if the lan...

  • HFS! We're live!!

    6.0 has been released......

  • Version 6.0 Sneak Peak

    zOMG! We're so close that I can taste it :D

    Here's the finalized versions of the manuals. Have at it and spread the word - Oblivion modding just got even better!...

  • Version 6.0 is nearly out!

    The almighty update to the Construction Set is getting an almighty update to it!

    Check out the new images to get an early sample of that almighty awesomesauce....