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This improves the Imperial City Arboretum making it much more visualy appealing.It also adds a Yew tree that is the Largest in Cyrodiil.

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The Imperial City Arboretum was a nice place to visit to begin with. But now it has vastly transformed into a beautiful Sanctuary.The biggest change to the Imperial City Arboretum is, it's now a home for Cyrodiils largest Yew tree.(and when I say large I mean it!)


Clintmichs Beautiful Imperial City Arboretum
will add the following features:

: Statues
: A fountain(with Annimated water)
: Trees
: An Ancient Yew tree(The largest in Cyrodiil)
: Flora
: Planters
: Shrubs
: A welcome Rock(near the giant Yew,Greeting inside)
: A few cool giant Mushrooms
: Benches(just for looks)
: Light posts(with active lighting)
: Re-Pathed NPCS(they wont run into anything)

v1.1 fixes some reported floating shrubs

* During testing I did NOT notice ANY FPS drop!!!!!


1. Copy the esp. file into the oblivion/Data directory

2. Check off the new esp in the Data folder when you start your game. Or Check it off in oblivions mod manager if you use that.

3. Enjoy the new Imperial City Arboretum.



This mod requires the Shivering Isles expansion.If you dont have it,you will be missing some content. Mainly the Fountain.


Clintmichs Beautiful Imperial City Arboretum is the third installment of the Clintmichs Beautiful District series. Just click the clintmich link at the top of this download page under uploader for other parts of this series.


I have tested this mod with approx 150 other mods running at the same time. There seems to be no problems or conflicts. If you find a problem or confilct please let me know thanks.

Version 1.1