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MOBS and OMOBS standalone packages for vanilla Oblivion, Shivering Isles, and all official DLCs.

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MOBS / OMOBS Medieval Oblivion Balance System 2.0a

Developed by:
Jaga Telesin (left the project after the 1.0 release of MOBS)
Francesco (left after 1.2 Release of MOBS)
Corepc (updated and released final 1.x version of MOBS, and 1.0 version of OMOBS; fixed up problems in BFG's DLC_MOBS)
BFG99 (updated Corepc's MOBS and OMOBS in release 2.0; created official MOBS and OMOBS conversions for DLCs based on prior work by Miguick and Julian_X)
Credits to Kal, N, Dev_Akm, Oscuro, Kandiedan, Nb_Mare, and others whose inspiration for a true balance system spurred us on!

MOBS, aka the "Medieval Oblivion (Equipment) Balance System", is a weapon balance system for use with TES4:Oblivion, TES4:Shivering Isles, and TES4 official downloadable content. (OMOBS, or Oscuro's MOBS, is a slightly modified version of MOBS for use in Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul or FCOM.)

MOBS/OMOBS aims to give weapons a more realistic and credible feeling, while at the same time keeping the fun factor. Check the details section below for a full list of changes.

New with version 2.0, MOBS and OMOBS now contain all weapon- and weapon enchantment-related fixes in the latest Unofficial Oblivion, Unofficial Shivering Isles, and Unofficial Downloadable Content Patches, the Supplementals, and WEPON (Weapon Expansion Pack for Oblivion Nthusiasts).

A spreadsheet detailing the changes made to weapon stats in MOBS and OMOBS is available for download.

Francesco's Leveled Creatures-Items Mod--
An older version of MOBS is already included in Francesco's as an optional component. You should install it anyways, as it also includes MOBS-type stats for weapons unique to Francesco's.

Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul / FCOM--
As stated above, use OMOBS instead of regular MOBS.

Tamriel Immersion Experience aka TIE--
TIE contains its own stats for weapons. If you prefer to use MOBS style stats instead of TIE's then you will need to load MOBS after TIE in the load order, or use Wrye Bash to import bashed weapon stats.

Weapon Expansion Pack for Oblivion Nthusiasts aka WEPON--
If you are using the latest MOBS or OMOBS, there is no need to use any of the "Fixes Only" versions of WEPON. If you are using a full build of WEPON (i.e. one that adds new weapons to the game), then you should load it after MOBS or OMOBS.

Choose only one set of plugins. If you have Shivering Isles installed, then use either MOBS_SI or OMOBS_SI. If you do not have Shivering Isles, then use regular MOBS or OMOBS. You do not need to install both the regular, and the _SI, version. If desired, you can also install the MOBS/OMOBS Optional Combat Settings, or the MOBS/OMOBS SI Optional Combat Settings, but not both.
In addition to the "core" version described above, you can install any combination of the MOBS or OMOBS DLC mods as needed.

1. Copy the desired ESP file or files into your Oblivion\Data directory. (If you are not installing the Optional Combat Settings then you should only be installing one file!)
2. Adjust your load order, using BOSS or Wrye Bash. MOBS, MOBS_SI, and MOBS (SI) Optional Combat Settings should load after Shivering Isles. OMOBS versions of the same should load after OOO or FCOM. Any MOBS or OMOBS DLC files should load after the DLC they correspond to.
3. If you are using Wrye Bash, run it, Bash Merge Patches, and "Import Stats". If you do this you will not have to activate any of the MOBS or OMOBS assets.
4. If you're not using Wrye Bash, run OblivionLauncher.exe. Under "Data Files", check the file or files that you just added to the Oblivion\Data directory. Hit OK.

Changes Made in MOBS or OMOBS:
  • Weapon Reach has been shortened for most weapons. You will need to get closer to the enemy now, but it will look more realistic, as if your weapon is actually hitting the target and as if they are actually hitting you.
  • Weapon Speed has been reduced to give the weapons more diversity and to give them a more realistic 'feel'. The speed varies by material type. Glass and Elven weapons, for example, will be faster than those made of other materials; but materials (such as Ebony and Daedric) that are slower will do extreme damage to maintain balance.
  • Weapon Damage Per Second still increases from one material type to another. For example, Elven weapons still do more damage than Dwarven. However, the damage rating of a light, fast weapon (such as Elven) may be lower than that of a slow, heavy weapon (such as Dwarven). In general, the damage that can be dealt by higher quality weapons is increased over vanilla.
  • Weapon Weight and Durability are more important than in vanilla Oblivion due to their effects in longer fights. Heavier weapons will last longer but will burn your fatigue more quickly; lighter weapons will not tire you as easily but also won't last as long. Weapons in general are noticiably lighter than vanilla Oblivion.
  • Shivering Isles Durable Weapons only have 150% the health of regular weapons in MOBS. In vanilla SI and OMOBS, Durable Weapons have 200% the health of regular ones.

Optional Combat Settings:
  • Fatigue, three game settings concerning fatigue have been altered. The base cost of swinging a weapon or fists is reduced from 7 to 5. Hand to hand will be less fatiguing. The effect that weight of a weapon has on your fatigue as you swing it is increased dramatically. The result is that all weapons will fatigue you more, especially heavier weapons.
  • Power Attacks Optional, the amount of fatigue you lose from performing a power attack has been reduced from 5x a normal swing to 3.5x to stop them from being overly fatiguing. The speed of power attacks has been increased, so as to prevent them form being too slow with the new slower weapon speeds, and to increase their speed from default. So power attacks will be more viable than in the default, for more interesting combat.
  • Melee sneak attack bonuses Optional scale up more smoothly as you become better at sneaking:
    Default 3x/6x/6x/6x/6x
    MOBS 4x/6x/6x/6.5x/7x
  • Archery Damage, the new ineffectiveness of archery at close ranges (see reduced running backwards speed below) allows for arrow damage to be increased alot. Arrows do 1.5x more damage than default. NPC archers will be more dangerous because of this.
  • Arrow Speed and Physics, arrows' speed through the air has been increased 1.8x to better reflect the speed of a real arrow. This will make it easier to hit moving targets and harder to avoid being hit. The way arrows behave, such as bounce off things and arc through the air has been tweaked for more realism
  • Arrow Recovery, fired arrows will last longer before disappearing. From 90 to 600. Maximum fired arrows that can exist before they begin to replace each other has been increased from 15 to 50. The chance of recovering a fired arrow from the body of a dead opponent is increased from 50% to 75%.
  • Marksman Sneak Attacks, marksman sneak attack bonuses scale up more smoothly as you become better at sneaking.
    Default 2x/3x/3x/3x/3x
    MOBS 1.5x/2x/2.5x/3x/3.5x
  • Reduced backwards running speed, the speed you can run backwards is decreased so you can't sprint backwards as fast as you can forwards. Backpedaling archer/mage was too imbalancing and boring, now you will need a bit more tactic in this type of fights.
  • Hand to hand Reach has been reduced slighty so it is equal to the dagger.
  • Hand to hand Damage is up slightly. The amount of fatigue damage that hand to hand does has been increased by a factor of 3x. This means that hand to hand will weaken opponents, meaning that they will do less damage and be in danger of collapsing. Hand to hand has been strengthened in many ways because other weapons are more fatiguing and slower. This is where the advantage of hand to hand lies.

Change Log:
2.0a Corepc
  • Renamed MOBS_SI back to MOBS SI so that boss and bash would see it correctly once again
  • Readded MOBS and OMOBS Optional Combat Settings Plugins
  • Added and Updated Readme

2.0 BFG
  • Checked every vanilla and Shivering Isles weapon for compliance with the MOBS attributes that should be assigned. Made thousands of fixes across all weapon types.
  • Incorporated all relevant fixes present in the latest Unofficial Oblivion Patch, Unofficial Oblivion Patch Supplemental, Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch, or Weapon Expansion Pack for Oblivion Nthusiasts.
  • The original version of OMOBS-SI did not cover Amber, Madness, and several other types of SI weapons. OMOBS 2.0 does so.
  • OMOBS 1 had some strange stats for Dwarven, Elven, and Glass weapons. These sets didn't seem to line up with the others, causing problems such as the Glass Dagger causing more damage per second than the Ebony Dagger. These sets have been completely redone in OMOBS 2 to better line up with the other sets, and to better reflect what the original authors probably intended.
  • Merged MOBS and MOBS-SI together, as well as OMOBS and OMOBS-SI. Now, players only need one plugin. (In some older versions, players had to use the base version AND the SI add-on.)

1.2.2a Corepc
  • Readded Running Backward Features in Optionial Combat Settings Plugin
  • Tweaked LordRungDumphs Sword Once again (Based of Silver Claymore Frans)
  • Tweaked Unique Akaviri Dia Katana and Katanas

1.2.2 Corepc
  • Checked Against UOP 3.2.3 by Arthmoor,fixes intergrated and Weapons Corrected has needed with MOBS Stats
  • War Axe of Enfeeblement and Battle Axe of Jinxing apparently had their enchantment fixes reverted for some reason, and they have been un-reverted. and corrected with MOBS stats applied
  • Arrow4Dwarven, EncDwarvenFireDamageLight, DwarvenSilence, DwarvenFireDamage, DwarvenFrostDamage, DwarvenShockDamage, and DwarvenFrostArea Arrows were all incorrectly pointing to the icon for iron arrows. Corrected to point to dwarven instead. MOBS Stats Applied
  • Restructed Plugin Itself for Bash Merge Compatiblity
  • Moved Arrows from Optionial Combat Plugin to mobs.esp and mobssi.esp
  • Moved All GMST settings from Mobs.esp or Mobsi.esp to Optionial Combat Plugin where other GMST Settings where at.
  • This means you can fully bash merge the mobs.esp now without needing gmst settings has well..
  • Tagged has Stats for Bash

1.2.1 Corepc
  • Fixes for better compatibility with Unofficial Patch / Unofficial Shivering Isle Patch.
  • All Name Fixes from UOP have been intergrated
  • 10 Battle & WarAxe where assigned Blade type now corrected to Blunt Weapon type per uop
  • Ignore Normal Weapon Resistance added to these weapons: Hatred's Heart and Soul Bow, Languorwine Blade, some enchanted silver weapons
  • RedWeave fixed all enchantment points, health, value,and damage per uop
  • Mishaxhi's Cleaver reach value increased to 1.3
  • fixes for Akaviri Weapon Reach Value

  • Added MOBS Shivering Isles, this, apart from containing all the changes of the old MOBS esp, deals with all the new weapons of the official expansion.. giving MOBS stats to each of them.

The 1.1 update mainly has two goals: make two-handed weapons more viable and give a more realistic weight to all the weapons.

Weapons Speeds
Two-handed weaps 8-9% faster
Mace 1-2% faster (depending on material)

dagger /
shortsword /
Mace -8%
Waraxe -22%
Longsword -25%
Battleaxe -29%
Claymore -29%
Warhammer -33%

Fatigue burn
Dagger +20%
Shortsword +20%
Mace +11%
Waraxe -6%
Longsword -10%
Claymore -14%
Battleaxe -15%
Warhammer -20%

Misc changes
Mace +6% health
Rised steel health modifier to be on par with iron (was -5%)